After purchasing and applying a license Fisheye reports that the maximum number of users has been exceeded

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After purchasing a license and applying it to a instance previously licensed with an unlimited user trial, Fisheye/Crucible displays the following banner:

Nothing is logged to the application log.


Every user with the 'Access to Fisheye' permission consumes a Fisheye license. When synchronizing with external directories such as a Jira directory, or LDAP, a greater number of users than the number of licenses available can be granted access. 


Reduce the number of users by either deleting or deactivating users or synchronizing with a subset of users if you are using an external user server.


If you are using Jira as an external user server with a 10 user license for Fisheye/Crucible, follow these directions:

  1. In your Jira instance, navigate to Administration > User Management > Groups
  2. Add a group called "fisheye-users".
    Note: If you name the group "fisheye-users", they will automatically have access to Fisheye/Crucible, when you sync this directory. If you decided to give the group a different name, please follow point 8 to manually assign permissions to that group. Make sure the sum of users who have permissions (in the new group and the default Fisheye internal group doesn't exceed your license number).
  3. Click on the "fisheye-users" group to manage which users belong to it by clicking Add/Remove Users
  4. Go to the Admin panel of your Fisheye instance.
  5. Navigate to User Settings > User Directories
  6. Click Synchronize to the right of your Jira directory.
  7. Navigate to Security Settings > Groups. Check that the users (and the number) in your fisheye-users group are correct.
  8. You can also check/set permissions for Groups under Security Settings > Global Permissions.

For more detailed information on user management in Fisheye, you can consult Managing users and groups in Fisheye.

For versions of Fisheye 3.x.x, the following instructions apply:

f you are using Jira as an external user server with a 10 user license for Fisheye/Crucible, follow these directions:

  1. Create a group in Jira called "fisheye" and populate it with 10 users. 
  2. In Fisheye you will then elect to only synchronize this group:
    1. Navigate to: Administration > Authentication > click the "Edit" button under "Jira/Crowd Authentication" > click "Next"
    2. Only select the user you created in Jira under "Groups to synchronize"
    3. Click "Save"
  3. Click the "Re-Sync" button on the following page.

Last modified on Sep 8, 2021

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