Disabling the repository limit in Quick Search

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Fisheye becomes unresponsive upon using Quick Search and doesn't search more than the first 100 repositories.


By default, Fisheye cross-repository search has a 100-repository limit to prevent it from becoming unresponsive on Fisheye instances that have large numbers of repositories. Refer to our documentation.


As of Fisheye minor upgrade 2.7.12 a new system property, fisheye.search.max.repositories, was introduced to give users the ability to increase the number of searched repositories. Use this setting by modifying FISHEYE_INST/system.properties or start Fisheye with the -Dfisheye.search.max.repositories. option (e.g.  -Dfisheye.search.max.repositories=250).


Last modified on Nov 15, 2018

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