Disk running out of Space - <FISHEYE_INST>/var/cache

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The size of the <FISHEYE_INST>/var/cache folder is significant.

Depending on the size of the filesystem, this could lead to the filesystem running out of disk space.


The <FISHEYE_INST>/var/cache folder contains all caches and indexes of your repositories. If you have a big Fisheye instance, this directory can consume a considerable disk space.

For Subversion and CVS repository you can find the Disk space requirement estimates on the Supported Platforms page.


Increase disk space (preferred)

This is the only option that allows the full set of Fisheye features by preserving the entire indexes for the repositories.

Reduce cache size

If increasing the disk space is not an option, there are a few options to reduce the cache size:

  • It's possible to reconfigure your repository by setting a starting revision from which to start indexing. All commits prior to this starting point are not included in Fisheye. Please see this document in order to do so.
  • It's possible to reconfigure your repository by excluding parts of it that you may not be interested in. Please see this document in order to do so.
  • It´s possible that you have configured your SVN Symbolic Rules wrong, please check your configuration based on this document.
  • You can reduce disk space consumption by turning off diff storage in Fisheye.

The configuration options may vary depending on the SCM type. The Best practices for Fisheye configuration page covers the available options.

Here is a detailed overview by SCM type:

Git repositories

  • Exclude directories: this can be applied to a Git repository
  • Exclude tags and/or branches that you delete and recreate often: While this is straight forward for an SVN repository, for Git ones it will require some specific configurations.
    • Tags can be excluded by adding the --Xdisable-tags option to the FISHEYE_ARGS environment variable. Note that this applies to all DVCS repositories and it cannot be specified for a single one.
    • Branches instead cannot be excluded, there is an open feature request for this (FE-2533)
  • Turn off diff storage

Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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