Files for Crucible review disappear after deleting or renaming a repository

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Use Case

  1. The Subversion URL for the repository was changed by: Created a new repository (NewReponame) with the new Subversion URL, then deleting the repository with the old Subversion URL (OldReponame). And now the existing reviews that pointed to the OldReponame do not work.
  2. Want to delete a Fisheye repository (or move the crucible data to another server which does not have the same repositories), but still want to access the existing reviews that were created against this repository.


When viewing the Crucible reviews on Crucible 1.x the following error is reported while attempting to expand the file:

repository not available


In Crucible 1.6.* we introduced a means to cache file revisions within reviews so that, even if the repository is not available (e.g. deleted) the reviews will still display. Please refer to Store the contents of files in reviews.

However due to a bug that we have recently discovered, while the files are cached, it will not display these cached files unless the repository is available. This bug has been fixed in Crucible 2.0 - (See CRUC-1309).


Use Case 1: Editing a repository

If you have another Fisheye repository pointed to same URL but with a different name, then you can rename this repository back to the name that Crucible expects.

To do this, please do the following:

  1. Shutdown you server.
  2. Make a backup of your FISHEYE_INST directory.
  3. Rename your FISHEYE_INST/var/cache/NEWREPONAME to FISHEYE_INST/var/cache/OLDREPONAME (where OLDREPONAME is the previous name of the repository).
  4. Edit your FISHEYE_INST/config.xml file and search for the new repository name.

      <repository store-diff="true" description="Desc" name="NewReponame" enabled="true">

    In the above, the name of the repository is NewReponame (name="NewReponame"). Change the name to the old repository name:

      <repository store-diff="true" description="Desc" name="OldReponame" enabled="true">
  5. Restart your sever.

This way all of your existing reviews will work.

If there is a reason you cannot rename the repository back to the OldReponame, follow the steps in Case 2.

Use Case 2: Deleting a repository

A workaround on Crucible 1.x is to create a repository within crucible using the SCM Light Plugin, such as the perforce light repository with the same name as the repository you deleted/moved/renamed/disabled.

This will allow Crucible to display all the reviews correctly and as the light SCM plugin repositories do not need to index (unlike Fisheye repositories), it will not impact your Crucible servers performance. Once you have close the reviews, you can delete the light SCM plugin repositories.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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