How Do I Enable Debug Logging for SVNKit

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Enable additional logging by adding the following JVM system property while launching the application:

  1. Download the file. This file contains a system property, svnkit.level, which is used to control the log level:
    • FINE (default) — the level for non-detailed logging
    • FINER — the level for more detailed logging
    • FINEST —  the level for full logging
  2. Configure Fisheye/Crucible to start with the -Djava.util.logging.config.file=*path/to/* parameter and value, where "path/to/" refers to the absolute path to the file from step (1) as per instructions here .
  3. Restart Fisheye/Crucible for your changes to take effect.
  4. You will find the SVNKit log file in <USER_HOME>/svnkit.0.log where <USER_HOME> is the home directory of the user running Fisheye/Crucible or the user that you are logged in with e.g:
    • /home/charlie/svnkit.0.log.
Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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