How to retrieve retrieve all comments and their respective IDs, authors, statuses, messages, comment replies, filename, and line range, directly from database

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For reporting purposes, Crucible administrators might want to retrieve all comments and their respective IDs, authors, statuses, messages, comment replies, filename, and line range, directly from database.


NOTE 1: This SQL query below was tested with Fisheye / Crucible 3.7.x. It may require some adjustments in other versions.

NOTE 2: This SQL query below is compatible with PostgreSQL. It may require some adjustments in order to run with other database types.

Run the following query:

        cru_revpermaid.cru_proj_key || '-' || cru_revpermaid.cru_number as "Review Key",
        cru_comment.cru_comment_id "Comment ID",
        cru_user_comment_author.cru_user_name as "Comment Author", 
                when cru_comment_read_status.cru_read is true 
                then 'Read'
                else 'Unread'
        end) as "Comment Status",
        left(cru_comment.cru_message, 50) as "Comment Message",
        coalesce (
                        when cru_comment.cru_reply_to_comment_id is not null 
                        then '<REPLY TO: ' || cru_comment.cru_reply_to_comment_id || '>' 
                        else '<GLOBAL COMMENT>' end
                ) as "File Path",
        cru_inline_comment_to_frx_rev.cru_line_range as "Line Range"
from cru_comment
        join cru_comment_read_status on cru_comment_read_status.cru_comment = cru_comment.cru_comment_id
        join cru_user cru_user_comment_author on cru_user_comment_author.cru_user_id = cru_comment.cru_user_id
        join cru_review on cru_review.cru_review_id = cru_comment.cru_review_id
        join cru_revpermaid on cru_revpermaid.cru_review_id = cru_review.cru_review_id
        left join cru_inline_comment on cru_inline_comment.cru_comment_id = cru_comment.cru_comment_id -- joins only if inline comment
        left join cru_inline_comment_to_frx_rev on cru_inline_comment_to_frx_rev.cru_inline_comment_id = cru_inline_comment.cru_comment_id
        left join cru_frx_revision cru_frx_revision_inline on cru_frx_revision_inline.cru_frx_rev_id = cru_inline_comment_to_frx_rev.cru_frx_rev_id
        left join cru_revision cru_revision_inline on cru_revision_inline.cru_revision_id = cru_frx_revision_inline.cru_revision
        left join cru_stored_path cru_stored_path_inline on cru_stored_path_inline.cru_path_id = cru_revision_inline.cru_path
        left join cru_frx_comment on cru_frx_comment.cru_comment_id = cru_comment.cru_comment_id -- joins only if frx comment
        left join cru_frx_revision cru_frx_revision_frx on cru_frx_revision_frx.cru_frx_id = cru_frx_comment.cru_frx_id
        left join cru_revision cru_revision_frx on cru_revision_frx.cru_revision_id = cru_frx_revision_frx.cru_revision
        left join cru_stored_path cru_stored_path_frx on cru_stored_path_frx.cru_path_id = cru_revision_frx.cru_path
where not cru_comment.cru_deleted
        and not cru_comment.cru_draft
        --and cru_revpermaid.cru_proj_key LIKE 'CR-FE' -- use this to restrict by project key
        --and cru_revpermaid.cru_number = 10380 -- use this to restrict by review number

Sample output:

Review Key  Comment ID  Comment Author  Comment Status  Comment Message                    File Path                               Line Range  
----------  ----------  --------------  --------------  ---------------------------------  --------------------------------------  ----------  
CR-8        1           fkraemer        Read            qweqwe                             trunk/bamboo-jira-integration-test.txt  2           
CR-9        2           fkraemer        Read            General Comments                   <GLOBAL COMMENT>                        (null)      
CR-9        3           fkraemer        Read            Comment in File                    trunk/Testing.txt                       (null)      
CR-9        3           fkraemer        Read            Comment in File                    trunk/Testing.txt                       (null)      
CR-9        4           fkraemer        Read            Testing this                       trunk/SmartCommitTest.txt               1           
CR-9        5           fkraemer        Read            Testing again.                     trunk/SmartCommitTest.txt               1           
CR-4        6           fkraemer        Read            Comment in CR-4                    trunk/Testing.txt                       1           
CR-9        7           fkraemer        Read            Reply to comment "Testing again."  <REPLY TO: 5>                           (null)      
CR-9        8           fkraemer        Read            asdasd JRA-1                       <REPLY TO: 4>                           (null)      
Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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