Unable to fetch from remote repository, some local refs could not be updated

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In the Administration Page > Repositories > Repository a blue box is showing the following ERROR:

Unable to fetch from remote repository: ssh://<GIT_USER>@<GIT_HOST>:7999/<PROJECT_NAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME>.git - [error: unable to resolve reference refs/heads/release/v4.3.0: Not a directory, From ssh://<GIT_USER>@<GIT_HOST>:7999/<PROJECT_NAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME>.git, ! [new branch]  release/v4.3.0 -> release/v4.3.0 (unable to update local ref), error: some local refs could not be updated; try running, 'git remote prune ssh://<GIT_USER>@<GIT_HOST>:7999/<PROJECT_NAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME>.git' to remove any old, conflicting branches]


Running the git remote prune ssh://<GIT_USER>@<GIT_HOST>:7999/<PROJECT_NAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME>.git does not solve the problem.


This happens because the clone of the GIT Repository in Fisheye/Crucible is not updated with the recent Branches updates.


Re-clone the GIT clone from FishEye/Crucible:

  1. Stop Fisheye/Crucible
  2. Delete the <FISHEYE_INST>/var/cache/<REPO_NAME>/clone directory
  3. Start Fisheye/Crucible

(info) This will force Fisheye/Crucible to pull the recent changes from the Remote Repository and create a live copy of that Repository.

After this the problem should disappear from the Repositories Page and the indexing will happen normally.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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