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Under Article 17 of the GDPR, you have the right to have your personal data deleted. This is also known as the "right to be forgotten" or "right to erasure." It isn't an absolute right, and it only applies in certain circumstances and will vary on a case-by-case basis. These instructions show individual end-users and administrators how to remove personal data from certain Atlassian products. In some cases, you may need to consult your administrator to have certain personal data deleted.

This guide contains instructions for removing personal data from your Hipchat Cloud profile, which is a sub-step in the Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure guide. It is not meant to serve as a standalone guide. To avoid complications, complete Steps 1-2 of Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure before attempting the steps in this guide.

Personal data that appears in Hipchat Cloud is stored in your Hipchat Cloud profile, your Atlassian account, and the systems of the third-party vendors who supply the integrations you use.

The following personal data appears in Hipchat Cloud and can be removed:

  • Your full name*
  • Your job title
  • Your email address
  • Your avatar
  • Your nickname (your mention name)*
  • Your time zone

To preserve message history and business records and to prevent confusion for other people who use your Hipchat Cloud group, we won't delete the following:

  • Your messages and their content. For information on how to delete your messages, see Delete messages and files. 
  • *Your name and mention name will continue to show next to Hipchat Cloud messages you sent. 

Messages you've sent in Hipchat Cloud aren't removed. You can delete your Hipchat messages before you remove your personal data. 

Though the personal data you remove will immediately disappear from the product UI, certain personal data may be retained for a limited period of time in backup files before being automatically deleted. Atlassian keeps these backup files for all sites, for a limited time, to prevent service interruptions and support data integrity.  For information on how we store your data and how long we keep different kinds of information in our systems, please see our Privacy Policy and Trust at Atlassian.

Remove data from your Atlassian account

If you're part of a Hipchat Cloud group that has not been linked to an Atlassian account, the steps you'll perform will be slightly different than the steps outlined in this guide. You'll know if this applies to you because Atlassian Support will have sent you that information, along with the list of personal data Atlassian holds about you, when you completed Step 1 of Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure.

If this applies to you and your account is managed by your company, follow the steps in Hipchat Cloud erasure for managed non-Atlassian accounts instead of the ones in this guide.

If this applies to you and your account is not managed by your company, skip this step (Remove data from your Atlassian account) and the next one (Verify changes have synced).

The following information is stored in your Atlassian account:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your job title
  • Your organization
  • Your time zone
  • Your avatar

For instructions on how to remove personal data from your Atlassian account, see Step 2: Remove personal data in your Atlassian account in Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure

Verify changes have synced

Skip this step if your Hipchat Cloud group isn't linked to an Atlassian account and your account isn't managed by your company.

Review your Hipchat Cloud profile to make sure the changes you made to your Atlassian account are reflected there:

  1. Log in to Hipchat Cloud in your browser. 
  2. Click your avatar > Account settings.
  3. Verify that your real name has been replaced by the pseudonym you chose.

Note that avatars can take 24 hours to sync in Hipchat Cloud after you've removed them from your Atlassian account.

If your name still appears in your Hipchat Cloud profile, try removing it from your Atlassian account again or submit a support request.

Remove data from your Hipchat Cloud profile

The following information is stored in your Hipchat Cloud profile:

  • Your @mention name

If your Hipchat Cloud group isn't linked to an Atlassian account, the following additional information is also stored in your Hipchat profile:

  • Your job title
  • Your time zone
  • Your photo (avatar)

To remove personal data from your Hipchat Cloud profile:

  1. Log in to Hipchat Cloud in your browser. 
  2. Click your avatar > Account settings.
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Remove or change your information from these fields:
    1. @mention name
    2. Any fields that still have personal data 
      Note: Some fields in your profile will still have personal data if your Atlassian account hasn't synced yet or your Hipchat Cloud group is not linked to an Atlassian account. You can remove the personal data from these fields at this time.
  5. Click Save.
Your Hipchat Cloud group admin can restrict editing some fields in your Hipchat Cloud profile. If yours is restricted, you'll see a message at  the  top of your profile. Contact your Hipchat Cloud group admin to request they edit your profile for you.

Remove data from third-party integrations

Contact your Hipchat Cloud group admin for guidance on removing your personal information from third-party integrations.

Admin instructions

Third-party integrations may store personal data in their own systems. If you have third-party integrations installed, you'll need to contact the providers to understand what personal data they access, transfer, or otherwise process, and how they'll support your removal efforts.

For a list of vendors to contact:

  1. In your browser, log in to Hipchat Cloud as an admin.
  2. Click Group admin > Integrations.
  3. Click Select a room, then Global (all rooms). A button appears showing the number of global integrations installed in your Hipchat Cloud group:
  4. Click the button to view the list of integrations.
  5. Take note of the integration's name and vendor.
  6. Select the next room from the menu.
  7. Do the same steps above to view the list of integrations and note the integration's name and vendor.
  8. Complete these steps for each room in your Hipchat Cloud group.

To contact the vendor for an integration:

  1. Go to the integration's listing in the Atlassian marketplace.
  2. Click Support to find the vendor's contact information.
  3. Email the vendor or submit a support request.

Hipchat Cloud has global integrations which are integrations that a group admin installed in Hipchat Cloud and appear in all Hipchat Cloud rooms. Users can also install integrations, but only on a room-by-room basis. To get a complete list of integrations, you'll need to look at the global integrations and the integrations installed in each Hipchat Cloud room.

Request Hipchat Cloud account deactivation

Ask your Hipchat Cloud group admin to deactivate your Hipchat Cloud account.

Admin instructions

To deactivate a Hipchat Cloud user's account:

  1. In your browser, log in to Hipchat Cloud as an admin.
  2. Click Group admin > Users.
  3. Click the user's name.
  4. Click Deactivate.

Request Hipchat Cloud account deletion

Once you've verified that your personal data has been removed from both your Atlassian account and your Hipchat Cloud profile, contact Hipchat Cloud Support to request deletion of your Hipchat Cloud account.

The steps outlined in these instructions will only remove your personal data from a single Hipchat Cloud group. To have your entire Atlassian account deleted, continue with Steps 4-5 in Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure.

Last modified on Oct 26, 2018

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