Update access to a team repository

You can control access to your team's repositories by adding groups and users to a repository. To create groups, go to the User Groups page of your team or individual account settings.

If you create a new group for your team, it doesn't get automatically added to your existing repositories. To grant access to existing team repositories, open the repository Settings and click User and group access.

  1. User access: Enter a user and access type to add a user to a repository. Click Add to add the user.
  2. Group access: Click Select a group to find a group and select an access type. Click Add to add the group the the repository.
  3. Remove: Click to remove access for a user or group.
  4. Change access: Click any of the access types to change access for a user or group:
    • Admin–Allows users to do everything a repository owner can do: change repository settings, update user permissions, and delete the repository.
    • Write–Allows users to contribute to the repository by pushing changes directly.
    • Read–Allows users to view, clone, and fork the repository code but not push changes. Read access also allows users to create issues, comment on issues, and edit wiki pages.

Last modified on May 8, 2018

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