Add service desk agents

There are two default project roles you can assign users to in 

Jira Service Desk

  • Service Desk Customers who create requests via email or the customer portal
  • Service Desk Team who view and respond to these requests

As the user who created this project, you have been automatically added to the Administrators project role.

Now, it's time for you to add a few colleagues to help you test out Jira Service Desk. They can give you feedback on how the portal is set up, what request types your team will service, and how to format request forms. The more the merrier! Inviting your team can help you understand Jira Service Desk better and you'll get to see what your service desk can do when people interact with it.

Add your agents 

Project administrators can add agents with existing user accounts to their project. If you are a project administrator, you will need to contact your site administrator to add user accounts for new agents. Make sure you're signed in as an administrator for this step.

  1. In your project sidebar, select Invite team
  2. Enter the email addresses for your teammates and select Invite.
  3. The agents are added to the Service Desk Team role in Settings > Users and roles

Assign issues to agents

Your agents will generally work out of queues that have issues automatically triaged into them. Let's test out manually assigning issues in case you ever come across a customer request that you want a certain agent or team to handle. 

  1. From the Queues tab, open one of your test requests by clicking the issue summary or issue key. 
  2. Enter a team member's name in the Assignee fieldWhen they sign into Jira Service Desk, this issue appears in their queue. 

Add your customers

You don't need to add customers to your service desk site during this tutorial, but let's check out where you would add them so you're familiar with the steps: 

  1. From your project sidebar, select Customers.
  2. Select Add customers in the top right corner and enter one or more email addresses.
  3. When you select Invite, the customers receive an email invitation with a link to your customer portal, where they can complete the signup process.
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Public customer signup

You can have your customers sign up for their own accounts (without an individual email invite) by enabling public signup. Read more about customer permissions.

You're almost done! You have now invited your team to your service desk project and reviewed the process of assigning issues to them. You can now customize your customer portal and share it with the rest of your organization.

Last modified on Apr 1, 2019

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