Explore a sample project

Jira Service Desk comes with sample data to help you explore and learn how to use key features. 

When you create a sample project, it gets populated with issues that new team members can use to learn about concepts like queues, SLAs, and generate reports like the one below without fear of affecting any real work.

If you are a Jira Service Desk administrator, we suggest you create and explore a sample project to help you and any new team members explore how a service desk project works.

Create a sample project

You need to be a Jira Service Desk administrator.

  1. From the sidebar, select Create () > Project.
  2. In the Create project screen, click Create sample data
  3. In the Create project with sample data screen, select IT Service Desk and click Next.
  4. Enter a name for the sample project. 
  5. Click Submit.

Learn about key features

Here are a list of tasks that we highly recommend you have a go at:

  • Explore the customer portal - see what your customers will see
  • Create a new request and assign it to yourself
  • View the queue, edit an issue description, or add a label
  • Comment on an issue
  • Try out your email channel
  • Play with reports


Finished playing with your sample project?

When a sample project has served its purpose, delete it from the project directory. You need to be a Jira Service Desk administrator to do this. 

Last modified on Sep 12, 2017

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