Hipchat Server Installation Guide

Hipchat Server is a self-hosted, enterprise chat version of Hipchat that you can run on your own network.  This guide is for IT administrators who are installing or upgrading Hipchat Server. 

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Looking to try out Hipchat in your organization? Hipchat Server is no longer available for evaluation deployments, but you can set up a Hipchat Data Center deployment instead.

What you need

Check out the system requirements.

You also need permissions to:

  • Configure a DNS record
  • Generate an SSL certificate and key
  • Deploy an open virtualization archive (OVA) image or launch an Amazon machine image (AMI)

Get installing

Get Hipchat Server up and running:

  1. Deploy Hipchat Server (from an OVA or AMI)
  2. Configure Hipchat Server (Run the setup wizard. Update the SSL key and certificate.)
  3. Test your Installation

Get your team in 

Add People or Configure User Directories

Send your team to the Hipchat Apps page. It points them to the information they need to download, install, and use the Hipchat apps.

Already using Hipchat Server? Check whether you're on the latest version. If not, go ahead and upgradeIf you need to uninstall Hipchat Server, see Uninstalling Hipchat Server.

Looking for more information? View more Hipchat Server documentationRan into an issue? See our knowledge base.

Last modified on Feb 7, 2018

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