Increasing disk capacity

If Hipchat Server's disk is getting full, you'll receive an email alerting you. You can increase the disk capacity of Hipchat Server by following the instructions in this topic. 

OVA deployments

If you deployed Hipchat Server using an open archive (OVA) file, follow these instructions to increase the disk capacity.

Create backups of your virtual machine (i.e. full clone) before making potentially destructive modifications.

  1. Increase the size of the virtual disks for the /chat_history and /file_store drives. (See the instructions that come with your virtual machine.)
  2. Reboot Hipchat Server. You can do this either gracefully through your virtual machine or by using the following command:
    sudo reboot

Resizing the system disk (root and log partitions)

The exact instructions for resizing your root disk are outside the scope of Hipchat, since it depends very much on the virtualization infrastructure.

Below are example steps for how the system disk might be resized:

  1. Notify users of expected downtime and take a full backup
  2. Make a note of the current partitions and sizes by logging into the Hipchat Server command-line interface and running the following command:

    sudo dont-blame-hipchat -c "df -h && fdisk -l"

    Note: The root and log partitions can be identified by lining up the "Mounted on" and "Filesystem" columns of the df -h output.

  3. Turn off the virtual machine
  4. Using the appropriate virtualization tools, increase the system.vmdk virtual disk capacity (i.e. --resize)
  5. Boot from a Live CD (i.e. SystemRescueCD) and increase the size of the partition to take advantage of the unallocated space using the appropriate operating system tools, like GParted
    Note: See an example of this process in the IBM guide to resizing operating system disk volumes
  6. Reboot the virtual machine without the Live CD
  7. Log back into the Hipchat Server command-line interface to verify the disk space increase by re-running the following command:

    sudo dont-blame-hipchat -c "df -h && fdisk -l"

An online increase of the log partition's disk space is also possible from the backend. See Online increase of the log partition's disk space for more information. 

AWS deployments

If you deployed Hipchat Server using an Amazon machine image (AMI) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you have one virtual disk that can automatically scale at boot. To make the disk scale at boot, follow these instructions:

Last modified on Nov 30, 2017

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