Integrations with Hipchat Server

This page describes how to add integrations that help you get more out of your Hipchat Server.

Before you install integrations, make sure you have configured the following:

  • Hipchat Server's fully qualified domain name (FQDN). You can find this under Server admin > Network.
  • Your SSL key and certificate. The integrations use SSL validation and don't accept self-signed certificates or certificates with invalid chains.
  • In and outbound TCP port settingsHipchat Server and the integrations need to communicate with each other.
  • Publicly resolvable DNS record that points to your HipChat Server FQDN (for third-party integrations).

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Install global and per-room integrations

You can install both global and per-room integrations in your Hipchat Server. Global integrations apply to all rooms in your Hipchat group. Per-room integrations apply only to the rooms in which you install them.

To install global integrations, go to Group admin > Integrations. This takes you to the Find New page that lists available integrations. 

To install per-room integrations, go to Group admin > Rooms and select the room. Then, click Integrations in the left menu bar.

After you install an integration, you can click the Manage tab to administer it. The Manage page lists all the integrations installed in your Hipchat group or room.

Integrate with Atlassian products

When you integrate Hipchat Server with Atlassian products, you and your team get a centralized location to see, update and share your important information, regardless of where they are located. You can integrate Hipchat Server with the following Atlassian products:

Build your own integration

You can build simple interactions directly in Hipchat by sending messages from your application or script directly to your rooms. In addition, you can create a unique slash command to send a request to your external application directly from a room. To create your own integration, log into Hipchat Server as an Admin and go to Group admin > Integrations > Build your own.

Third-party integrations

Many of the integrations that work with Hipchat Cloud will work with Hipchat Server if the integrations allow you to change the default FQDN to Hipchat Server's FQDN. For a list of the available third-party integrations, log into Hipchat Server and go to Group admin > Integrations.

Troubleshoot integrations installation

Following are troubleshooting tips for common issues when installing integrations:

IssuePossible resolution

The Install button in the Install Global Integrations page is disabled.

Try installing the integration in a room:

  1. Click Group admin > Rooms.
  2. Click the room's link.
  3. Click Integrations in the left menu.
  4. Click the Build and install your own integration link.

You try to install the integration, but receive the following error message:

Unable to install integration

Failed to install addon: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

There's an issue with the outbound TCP port settings. Make sure Hipchat Server is accessible from the integration server.

You try to install the integration, but receive the following error message:

Unable to install integration

The add-on rejected the installation: <treq.response._Response object at 0x32134d0>

There's an issue with your SSL certificate. Make sure you have a valid SSL chain of certificates with the full correct intermediates from a trusted CA vendor. See Creating or Obtaining an SSL Key and Certificate.

Integrate with Hipchat Bots

You can integrate Hipchat Server with the Hipchat bots from Atlassian Labs' Hipchat Bot Lab. For details on the botlab, see our blog post.

  1. Go to
  2. Find the bot you want to use, then click its Learn more button.
  3. Copy the Integration URL. For example,
  4. In Hipchat Server, click Group admin Integrations.
  5. Click the Manage tab.
  6. Click the Install an integration from a descriptor URL link.
  7. Paste the integration URL into the Integration URL field.
  8. Click Add integration.
  9. In the Install Global integration dialog pop up, click Install.
    The Details page appears when your integration is installed successfully.

Integrate with Hubot

You can integrate Hubot bots with Hipchat Server. 

Follow the instructions for Hubot for Hipchat on Heroku and set the following:

Last modified on Feb 10, 2019

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