Managing Multiple Directories

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When you connect Hipchat Server to multiple directory servers, you need to define the order in which Hipchat Server searches the directories for users.

Avoid duplicate usernames and email addresses across directories.

If you're connecting to more than one user directory, usernames and email addresses must be unique across all directories. For example, having the email address,, in two directories can cause confusion, especially if you swap the order of the directories. Changing the directory order can change the user that a given email address refers to.




Configuring the Directory Order

You can change the order of your directories as defined to Hipchat Server. Choose the Server admin > Directory menu and click the blue up and down arrows next to each directory. Hipchat Server searches the directories in the order you specify, with the top being the first directory searched.

Effect of Directory Order on Logins

The directory order is significant during the authentication of the user, in cases where the same user exists in multiple directories. When a user attempts to log in, Hipchat Server searches the directories in the order specified, and uses the credentials (password) of the first occurrence of the user to validate the login attempt.

Last modified on Nov 30, 2017

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