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If you've got an existing Google Apps user directory, you can use it to manage and add user accounts to your Hipchat group by synchronizing your Google Apps user directory with your Hipchat group. When you synchronize, a user's display name and email address is pulled from Google to Hipchat, and all other fields are left untouched. 

Individuals who wish to exercise their right to erasure under Article 17 of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation should follow the instructions at Atlassian Cloud: Right to erasure.”

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Connecting with Google Apps

Before you can add and sync users, you'll need an admin account on the Google Apps domain (with the Administrative APIs enabled) and you'll also need to be an admin for your Hipchat group.  

  1. In your browser, log in to Hipchat as an admin.
  2. Go to Group Admin > Google Apps.
  3. Select Connect your Google Apps.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to log in and accept permissions for your Google admin account.
  5. Choose sub-organizations you'd like to sync, or just skip this step to sync all users. 
  6. Click Initiate Sync to begin syncing Google Apps with Hipchat. We'll send an email invitation to all the users you synced. 

Selecting which users to sync

After you've connected your Google domain, select which sub-organizations you want to bring into your Hipchat group (by selecting Configure) or synchronize all users in your Google domain (by selecting Sync all orgs). Syncing all organizations will add any current sub-organizations in that domain. In addition, future sub-organizations that are added to your company (using that same domain) will be added when re-syncing. 

Existing Hipchat users will be updated during the sync if the email addresses used to create their Hipchat accounts are the same as the email addresses of their accounts in the Google domain. Existing users that are not in your Google domain won't be affected.

Suspended users won't be created and existing users who have been suspended are deleted from Hipchat during the sync. 

Note: If users within your Google domain have already been created in a different Hipchat group, the sync fails for those users, and you won't be able to invite them to your group. For details, see Troubleshooting.

Excluding users

You may want to exclude certain users from syncing like bot accounts. To exclude users from the sync, move them to a dedicated sub-organization.   

Re-syncing Google Apps users

Re-syncing happens automatically every four hours. If you need to, you can manually update the users. 

Note: Keep in mind that syncing is a one-way process, updates made in Google Apps will be made to user accounts in Hipchat and any updates that are made in Hipchat will be lost. 

  1. In your browser, log in to Hipchat as an admin.
  2. Go to Group Admin > Google Apps.
  3. Select Sync now.

Disconnecting Hipchat from Google Apps

You can disconnect Hipchat from Google Apps at any time.

  1. In your browser, log in to Hipchat as an admin.
  2. Go to Group Admin > Google Apps.
  3. Select Disconnect and follow the prompts.

Deleting users

You can delete users in Google Apps and the users are also deleted in Hipchat when you re-sync. If you delete users in Hipchat, be sure to delete them in Google Apps too, otherwise they'll be added back into Hipchat when you re-sync. 

Restoring users

Any users you restore in Google Apps will be restored in Hipchat when you re-sync.
If you restore users in Hipchat, be sure to restore them in Google Apps too, otherwise they'll be marked as deleted users in Hipchat when you re-sync.

Viewing the Sync report

A sync report is available only when there's an error syncing users. Click the link in the error message to download the report. It includes information about all successful and unsuccessful operations for the sync during which the error occurred.

To verify your sync was successful, view your users through user management and check to see that all the users synced.


Known issues

I've suspended a user but the sync has imported the suspended user / not deleted the existing user.
Generally suspending a user happens instantly in Google but in some cases notification can take anywhere from 1 to 36 hours.  This is documented here:

When I try to Connect to Google I get an error page.
Make sure that you are signing in with a domain admin account that can access If you are using a domain admin account and see an error, make sure you have API access enabled in Google (see

A user has failed to sync because they belong in another group.

Hipchat doesn't allow a single email address to be used in multiple groups. If a user has an email that exists in another Hipchat group, that user can't be imported.

My sync has failed because my organization's structure has changed.

We identify the sub-orgs to sync based on the name and location of each sub-org in your org-tree. When we can't find a sub-org that has previously synced, we don't want to guess who you want to add or delete from your Hipchat group. Instead, we ask that you re-configure using the Configure step again to confirm who should be synced within your changed structure. 

Can my users sign in using Google Apps credentials? 

Currently, the Google Apps integration with Hipchat requires each invited user to create a Hipchat account with a password. In the future, customers will be able to sign in using Google, but until then, they are required to set and use a Hipchat password.

Last modified on May 24, 2018

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