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Hipchat is a pretty open place. We think it helps teams collaborate better. Sometimes we know it's necessary to tighten the reins a bit, so we give you the option to restrict some features, like the ability to create rooms and emoticons, invite people, and more, to admins only. 

To see the full list and to restrict any of the features, log in to Hipchat in your browser and go to Group admin >Preferences

You must be an admin to restrict features to admins only.

Restrict inviting people to admins only

By default, all users can invite people to join your Hipchat group. You can restrict users from inviting people and allow only admins to invite people to Hipchat.

  1. Log in to Hipchat in your browser, go to Group admin > Info. (As mentioned above, you can restrict several features to admins on this page.)
  2. Under Invite URL, click disable this feature. This disables all invite buttons and links in the UI. (Admins can still add users to the Hipchat group at Group admin > Users.)
Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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