Hipchat Plus and Hipchat Basic

Hipchat has two cloud plans: Hipchat Plus (paid) and Hipchat Basic (free). With Hipchat Plus, you get some additional features that aren't in the Hipchat Basic plan. The Hipchat Pricing page lists the features available in both cloud plans. 

"I read about a feature that I don't seem to have"

This Hipchat documentation describes features available in both Hipchat cloud plans. If you're on Hipchat Basic, sometimes you'll read information about features that you don't have because they're Hipchat Plus features. Check the Hipchat Pricing page to see if the feature you're reading about is available on your plan.

Changing your Hipchat plan

To change your Hipchat plan, you need to be an admin.

To upgrade to Hipchat Plus, downgrade to Hipchat Basic, or change your billing info, log in to Hipchat in your browser and browse to Group admin > Billing.

Note: After you upgrade to Hipchat Plus, tell your teammates to restart their Hipchat apps, so they can use the Hipchat Plus features.

If you have questions about billing, see our Billing FAQ in the Hipchat Knowledge Base.

Looking for Hipchat Server pricing information? Visit Hipchat Server.

Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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