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Let your codebase join the conversation – integrate Bitbucket Cloud with Hipchat so your team can see updates in their repository activity:

  • Pull requests – when they're created, commented, merged, and declined
  • Commits – when they're pushed and commented
  • Issues – when they're created, updated, and commented
  • Pipelines builds – build status updates from Bitbucket Pipelines (a build may include a deployment)

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Set up Bitbucket notifications for Hipchat

To get Bitbucket notifications in Hipchat, you just need to set up each Hipchat room. You can also start in Bitbucket to do this.

You'll need to be:

  • An admin of the Bitbucket team that owns the repositories (or the owner of the repo) from which you want to send notifications.
  • An admin of the Hipchat room (or the owner of the room) that you want to send Bitbucket notifications to. 


Set up notifications as follows:

  1. Log in to Hipchat in your browser or the client application.
  2. Browse to the room you want to send Bitbucket notifications to. 
  3. Choose > Integrations at the top right.
  4. Scroll down to find Bitbucket for Hipchat and click .
  5. Use the menu to find the room you want to receive notifications in.
  6. On the Configure tab, click Log into Bitbucket, enter your Bitbucket username and password if necessary, and grant access to your account.
  7. Choose the Bitbucket repository you want to get notifications from.
  8. Click Add. Use the checkboxes to set the notification types you want Bitbucket to send. Click Done when you're finished. You'll see a notification in the Hipchat room that confirms that everything is OK. You can modify the notification types later if necessary.

    Notification types available from Bitbucket

Manage Bitbucket notifications

You can manage your notifications from either your Hipchat room or Bitbucket repository at any time. You can:

  • add new notifications
  • change the types of notifications that will be sent
  • stop receiving notifications.

To manage notifications in Hipchat, go to the Hipchat room:

  1. Choose > Integrations at the top right.
  2. Scroll down to find Bitbucket for Hipchat and click .
  3. Use the menu to find the room you want to manage notifications for.
  4. On the Configure tab:
  • To stop a repo from sending notifications to a room, just click.
  • To add or modify notifications, click Edit notifications. Click Done when you're finished.

I have a Bitbucket integration, already

You may already be using the older integration for Bitbucket and Hipchat. If so, it will continue working and you can reconfigure it as needed, but it's no longer available to install.

This page describes the new, improved Bitbucket integration for Hipchat. You can easily switch to the new integration by following the instructions on this page to configure it in your Hipchat rooms. Just be sure to disable the old integration to avoid getting duplicate notifications in your Hipchat rooms.


Disable the old integration...
  1. Log into Hipchat.
  2. Select the Rooms tab then choose a room with the old connector installed.
  3. Choose Integrations.
  4. On the Manage tab, locate the Hipchat Bitbucket Connector.
  5. Click on the ellipsis
  6. Select Uninstall.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each room you want to uninstall the old connector from.

Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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