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Want to make sure your teammate sees a message or file you're sharing in chat? You can use mentions (also known as "@mentions") to bring your teammate's or the whole team's attention to it. Hipchat will notify them, so they can look at it immediately. 

What happens when you @mention teammates

Hipchat can notify teammates you @mention in any of the following ways:

  • If they're logged in, Hipchat notifies them in the Hipchat app.
  • If they're offline, Hipchat can notify them by email, mobile push notifications, or SMS, depending on how they have their notifications set.

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The notification includes the message you wrote. Your teammate can jump into the room to respond to the message immediately or can wait until later.

@mentioning a teammate

To get a teammate's attention, type @ and type their name – like @Sabrina – and Hipchat will send them a notification.

Screenshot: @mentions in chat

Some people like to get pretty creative with their @mention names, so just start typing their real name and Hipchat will autocomplete their @mention name for you. (More on @mention names later.)

Screenshot: Autocompleting an @mention name

@mentioning everyone currently in the room

To get the attention of everyone who is currently active in the room, type @here and your message. For example, type "@here Time for lunch!"

By “active” we mean the people are in the room and their Hipchat statuses show Available (green). Hipchat won't notify people who are away or offline. 

@mentioning all members of a room

To get the attention of everyone who belongs to a private room and everyone in an open room, type @all and your message in chat. For example, type "@all Meeting is starting now." Check the room's list of people to find out who will be notified when you mention @all. Everyone in this list receives a notification whether they're active or inactive in the room and Hipchat.

Here's a pro tip for you: To stay on good terms with your Hipchat roommates, use @all sparingly, especially if you're working across time zones. Maybe they don't all want to know where to get an awesome taco at 3 a.m. Most of the time, using @here or @mentioning a few specific people is good enough. 

Setting your @mention name

You can set your @mention name on your Profile page (log into Hipchat in the browser and choose Edit Profile). It can be your actual name like, JennSmith, or you can be a little creative and try something like your superhero name. Just be sure to remove the spaces from the name.

Setting your @mention notifications

You can set the types of notifications you receive when teammates @mention you. Hipchat can notify you when you're logged in to and out of Hipchat. You set these notifications in different places and you have different notification options. Learn all about notifications.

Just so you know, it's a bad idea to disable all notifications for @mentions. It can be confusing (to put it nicely) to teammates when they @mention you, but you don't respond because you chose not to receive notifications for @mentions.

Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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