Confluence Integration Fails to Send Notifications to Hipchat From Specific Spaces

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After connecting Confluence and Hipchat and mapping a given space to a Hipchat room, the actions performed on this space fail to trigger notifications to Hipchat even though the connection worked successfully (confirmation message is displayed in Hipchat):


This may happen due to "view" restrictions applied to a certain page in Confluence (see Page Restrictions documentation). This is the current intended behavior, it is a privacy measure to prevent users that are NOT allowed to view a certain content in Confluence from being able to view a notification about it on the integrated Hipchat room. Additionally, as view restrictions are inherited in Confluence, restrictions applied to one page will cascade down to any child pages - which means there won't be notifications for any actions performed to children of a page with "view" restrictions.

Example: Restricting "view" access to ANY user/group on the homepage of a Confluence space will block notifications for all actions that are NOT performed on the root of that space.


Note: It shouldn't be necessary to restrict "view" access to a space's homepage since there are global and space permission levels to handle this. Every space has its own independent set of permissions, managed by the space admin(s), which determine the access settings for different users and groups. They can be used to grant or revoke permission to view, add, edit, and delete content within that space, and can be applied to groups, users, and even to anonymous users (users who aren't logged in) if need be. 

Last modified on Feb 10, 2019

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