HipChat Server: Unable to Create Users After Hitting Maximum License Count

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.

This is for an outdated version of Hipchat Server

 This article applies to a version of Hipchat Server which will be deprecated soon. After that period the version will no longer be supported.

When will my version be deprecated?

The following versions have been deprecated:

  • Hipchat Server 1.3 (EOL Date: Aug 17, 2017)
  • Hipchat Server 2.0 (EOL Date: Jun 17, 2018)
  • Hipchat Server 2.1 (EOL Date: Dec 8, 2018)

The following version will be deprecated soon:

  • Hipchat Server 2.2 (EOL Date: May 30, 2019)

You can read more about Atlassian's End of Life policy here.

You should upgrade to a more recent version of Hipchat Server as soon as you can to take advantage of new features, and security and bug fixes.


  • The admin of HipChat Server is no longer able to add new users to the instance from the web interface
  • Users who are synchronized from external directories are unable to log in to the desktop client / web interface

The error appears in the https://<fqdn>/admin/user after the admin clicks Add User button:



  • HipChat Server 2.x

Diagnostic Steps

  • Going through the atlassian-crowd.log, we will notice the following error being logged when the attempt to add new user was made (web interface / during synchronization):

    2018-02-21 11:40:54,089 hipchat-httpclient-callbacks:thread-9 ERROR [hipchat.sync.crowd.CrowdSyncManager] Got HTTP error 400 (Bad Request), with body
      "error": {
        "code": 400,
        "message": "Unable to create user.  You must purchase more licenses in order to add additional users",
        "type": "Bad Request"
  • Navigate to the https://<fqdn>/server_admin/status and confirm the number of Total users

  • Compare it with the license count that is was purchased from My Atlassian site


The instance has hit the license limit, causing the new users not to be added to the group


  1. Purchase a higher license tier to cater to the size of the instance. Get in touch with us through here
  2. Re-apply the latest license again after obtaining it from My Atlassian site

(info) Refer to the What does Hipchat Data Center cost? for more information.

Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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