Sending Mac Client Logs to Support

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This article explains how to enable logging in the Mac client and how to send the logs to Hipchat Support.

Sometimes, we will need additional information from the Hipchat client that is experiencing issues. Not all bugs are duplicatable, and oftentimes we can capture information that is helpful in troubleshooting and fixing bugs through logging.


Enabling logging

  1. Enable detailed logging by checking the menu item: Help -> Log Additional Chat Data (this will cause the client to log all incoming data, so please note the warning below)

    If requested by support, click here on how to enable verbose logging

    a. Have detailed logging enabled.
    b. Quit the app, then run the following in the terminal:

    defaults write com.hipchat.HipChat HCForceWebLoggingVerbose -bool YES

     * Note that verbose logging will only persist for one run of the app, to prevent you from forgetting to turn it off.

    c. Restart the app. 

  2. Perform the action that caused the issue you want to capture in the logs.
  3. Click Open Current Log File.
  4. The Hipchat log files will be under the section titled "~/Library/Logs" in the sidebar.
  5. Find the log that corresponds to the date range in which your issue happened.
  6. Right-click the log file with the latest date and choose Reveal in Finder.
  7. Edit the log file to remove any sensitive data, or trim it to include relevant info, only.
  8. Send the log via email to our support team.
  9. Disable detailed logging (to avoid unexpected storage of data and improve performance).

PLEASE NOTE: While most of the chat data will be removed from the logs, the logs could still have some history for open chats. If there is sensitive information, please go through the logs and check to make sure that the sensitive data is removed before sending them over to us.

Last modified on Feb 15, 2019

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