Known issue with the clustermessage table in Insight for Data Center

This can now be configured directly in Jira from version 8.13:

  1. From the Jira Admin page select System > Advanced > Services. 
  2. Set up cluster messaging flush service retention period.

There is a known issue with importing large datasets in Insight for Data Center in a short period of time. Insight is using Atlassian Cache API to replicate data between nodes, where the Jira table "clustermessage" can fill up with data and cause performance issues in Jira. Since the Jira default retention period is very high (30 days) we recommend to delete the Insight related messages from that table every 24 hours.

Below is an example of the Insight-related messages that should be deleted. Doing so won't affect your Insight data in any way.

10255 | jira-cluster-7120-node1 | ALL|| INSIGHT_DATA_CACHE:-OBJECT_UPDATED_10|2019-05-14 11:19:08.427+00
10255 | jira-cluster-7120-node1 | ALL||INSIGHT_DATA_CACHE:-OBJECT_REMOVED_10|2019-05-14 11:19:08.427+00

A query example that can be used in order to clean the messages is the following:

DELETE FROM clustermessage WHERE message like '%INSIGHT%'

Last modified on Oct 14, 2021

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