Download the JIRA WAR distribution archive from the JIRA Download page and extract its contents using a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or Linux's unzip or GNU tar tools.
(tick) You may need to click the 'Show All' link on the download page to reveal the WAR distribution.

(warning) Avoid using Windows' built-in file extraction tool! This tool silently fails to extract files with long names (see JRA-2153). Other users have also reported problems with WinRAR.
(warning) On Solaris, use GNU tar to extract JIRA instead of the Solaris' default tar utility as GNU tar handles long filenames better.

The extracted directory is hereafter referred to as your JIRA Installation Directory.

A dedicated user should be created to run JIRA, as JIRA runs as the user it is invoked under and therefore can potentially be abused. For example:
  • If your operating system is *nix-based (for example, Linux or Solaris), type the following in a console:
    $ sudo /usr/sbin/useradd --create-home --comment "Account for running JIRA" --shell /bin/bash jira
  • If your operating system is Windows:
    1. Create the dedicated user account by either:
      • Typing the following at the Windows command line:
        > net user jira mypassword /add /comment:"Account for running JIRA"
        (This creates a user account with user name 'jira' and password 'mypassword'. You should choose your own password.)
      • Opening the Windows 'Computer Management' console to add your 'jira' user with its own password.
    2. (Optional) Use the Windows 'Computer Management' console to remove the 'jira' user's membership of all unnecessary Windows groups, such as the default 'Users' group.
      (tick) If Windows is operating under a Microsoft Active Directory, ask your Active Directory administrator to create your 'jira' account (with no prior privileges).

(info) To maximise security, ensure that this user can only write to the logs, temp and work directories of your application server (Apache Tomcat) installation and your JIRA Home Directory.

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