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Adding Project Links between Applications

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    Eddie Webb

    I usually add two links per JIRA project.  1 points to the primary repository in F/C, and the other points to a F/C project.

    But my question is this:

    In Fisheye/Crucible my project MYFCPROJ, is already configured to use respository FCREPO.

    So from JIRA, can I just connect JIRA project to F/C project, and get the repository for free?  Or do I need to explicitly add a link to a repository to see source ? And if the latter is true, what does connecting just the projects get me?


    11 Apr 2011
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    When i want to add a link from Confluence to JIRA, according to the description.

    Application Links->Configure Project Links->Add links

    I always met the problem:

    Enter link details

    Sorry, there are no links for this user available, check your permission configuration of the remote application.



    But i check the premission of my project, i can't find any configuration for Link. 


    Could you help me?


    thanks a lot.


    01 Nov 2012
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    Need Help with the link between project in JIRA and confluence.

    Everytime i get the same error : Sorry, there are no links for this user available, check your permission configuration of the remote application.

    Where are the most important places to look for missing rights?

    I have activated all three authentication methods and provided the admin Logindata.

    Any help ist appreciated.


    thanks  Julius

    12 Nov 2012
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      Eddie Webb

      Julius, have you tried from confluence to JIRA?   Although my account is a full admin in both tools I consistently get that error if trying to setup a link from JIRA to confluence.   But adding from the Confluence side and checking "create reciprocal link"  always works for me.

      If that does work for you there may be a bug..

      Otherwise you can check permissions in the destination (remote) tool, according to the proper documentation.  

      Managing Global Permissions - JIRA

      Global Permissions Overview - Confluence

      12 Nov 2012
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