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Allow editing of Closed Issues

By default, it is not possible to edit an issue while in the "Closed" state. If you would like to allow editing of closed issues, this can be done by editing the workflow (see Configuring Workflow), and removing the jira.issue.editable flag from the Closed step. The steps are as follows:

  1. Find the active workflow that applies to the issues you wish change. This is most easily done by either:
    1. going to the 'Workflow Schemes' admin page, then clicking on the Workflow link in the row applying to the issues' project and issue type, or
    2. clicking View Workflowin the Issue View.
  2. To edit the workflow, you will need to either create a copy of it (if using the default jira system workflow) or edit the draft of the workflow.
  3. In the Workflow Editor, for the 'Closed' step, click View Properties (in Text mode) or Properties (in Diagram mode) to see the step properties.
  4. If editing issues in the selected step is disabled, you will see a jira.issue.editable property with value false. Delete it, or set the property value to true.
  5. Publish your draft workflow, or if editing a copy, activate the workflow by creating a new workflow scheme associated with the edited workflow, and then associating it with your project.


You can use the jira.issue.editable flag to enable/disable editing of issues at any step (not just the 'Closed' step).

This property and a number of others are also discussed at Workflow properties.

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  1. User avatar

    Norman Wayne Naccari

    This didn't work for me.  I made the change to the file and stopped and restarted the Apache Tomcat JIRA service.  Am I missing something?  I can comment the closed issues, but I can't edit the fields.

    19 Dec 2005
  2. User avatar

    Alix Layman

    Same result as reported above -- can now comment closed issues, but cannot edit field values.

    I need to be able to bulk edit a field so I can migrate large numbers of issues from an old custom field value to a new one -- which must be done before I can delete the old values. Until I can do the closed issues as well as open ones I can't complete the migration. Is there anything else we should be doing other than single edit step/restart listed in example?  --Thanks

    14 Feb 2006
  3. User avatar

    Alix Layman

    Note: I have customized the workflows and steps a bit -- I notice that jira-workflow.xml does not contain my customizations (for instance I have a step /status of Close - No QA/Closed-No QA and another of Kill/Killed -neither are there in the file). Wondering if this fix is only good for the out-of-box workflow statuses?

    14 Feb 2006
  4. User avatar

    Nick Menere [Atlassian]

    For customised workflows you must follow the instructions I have just added above.


    15 Feb 2006
  5. User avatar

    Joaquin Garrido

    Are there any other properties available that could be applied here, or in the 'Add New Property' section of the Step editing screen?

    16 Jan 2008
  6. User avatar

    Paul Csapo

    Hi, is there a way that ADMINS can perform a Bulk Change, (even on issues that are closed)?

    30 Jan 2009
    1. User avatar

      Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Paul,

      You can perform bulk operations on issues that are closed, although your operations will be limited to deleting, moving or re-opening the issues.


      Kind Regards,

      02 Feb 2009
      1. User avatar

        Paul Csapo

        Thanks Andrew,

        Do you know if there is a feature request I can vote on, which would allow super admins to be able to bulk (edit) closed issues.. as an override? - eg without having to change all the workflow steps for each project and without having to manually add that editable property to each one? (It would be great if there was a way to do that).
        Just to help with an example:

        If we have a field with a value, and want to rename it, we cant, and therefore have to create a new value, move old to new, and delete the old. (some issues using the original value are in various statuses, open/closed or other custom ones).

        05 Feb 2009
        1. User avatar

          Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

          Hi Paul,

          I had a quick search through the JIRA project on jira.atlassian.com. There doesn't appear to be any feature requests to allow the editing of closed issues, without using the jira.issue.editable workflow property. Please feel free to raise a one.

          You may also wish to raise this on our forums. It looks like this has been a popular topic in the past and other users could have helpful suggestions for you.

          Kind Regards,

          06 Feb 2009
          1. User avatar

            Tom Corcoran

            A search of the forum just revealed a bunch of posts talking about this. Was this issue ever raised to vote for? I would like to vote for it as I need to change the component of a bunch of closed issues and have to reopen them all one by one.

            26 May 2011
    1. User avatar

      Brett Ryan

      As a workaround you could create a new status, add it to your workflow; then bulk change your closed issues to the new temp status. You could then update the field then set all the statuses back and remove the old custom field.

      20 Apr 2010
  7. User avatar

    Dave Thomas

    In the past, users were able to assign closed issues, even if they weren't editable.  That ability seems to have been removed in Jira 4.x.   Is there any way to get this back or do we need to implement a workflow step to perform this operation?

    08 Jun 2010
  8. User avatar


    Since the default setting is "jira.issue.editable = false" for a "Closed" issue, why can you still add a "Comment" to a "Closed" issue, and how can we prevent it?

    16 May 2011
    1. User avatar

      Will Barrueto

      Took me forever to find out how to do this. You can add a Workflow step property to the closed state:

      Property: jira.permission.comment
      Value: denied

      Credit to http://goo.gl/tyP6z

      UPDATE: My issues are migrating right now to the new workflwo and so far I'm still able to comment on closed issues...

      28 Jun 2011
    1. User avatar


      What is frustrating is you can't bulk comment on a bunch of closed tickets, but you can go into an invididual closed ticket and comment there.  It really makes no sense.

      24 Jun 2013
  9. User avatar

    Peter Tomolik

    what exactly ist the jira.permission.comment  property about?

    for our workflow, we use the jira.issue.editable as we lock the issue's in certain states and we are fine with the commenting still enabled. but what bothers me is that I still can add comments, but not edit or remove them.

    is there any way to accomplish the issue itself beeing locked, commenting enabled and comment-editing enabled?

    07 Sep 2011
  10. User avatar

    William JUTEAU

    I guess that the jira.issue.editable = false paramete was used to hide the Edit button ...

    The Edit operation uses the default screen, whoch contains fields I'd like to hide for users.

    However, it seems that is disables the assignation buttons too.

    Is there any solution or property entry that could just hide the button but still lets any standard operations ?

    05 Apr 2012
  11. User avatar


    It seems we could not enable labels editing with the setting of jira.issue.editable = ture.

    Is there a way could let me edit labels on closed issues?




    16 May 2012
  12. User avatar


    I hope we are able to assign closed issues even if they are not editable

    19 Jul 2012
  13. User avatar


    It would be a great help if I could do a bulk change for the "Assigned to" operation for closed issues easily. If employees changes it is everytime very circular and time-consuming to edit the Assigne for all issues!


    09 Aug 2012
  14. User avatar

    Joe Samuels

    Instead of

    Property: jira.permission.comment
    Value: denied

    you have to use

    Property: jira.permission.comment.user
    Value: denied

    Source: Re: Commenting on an Issue

    03 May 2013
  15. User avatar

    Michael Young

    We are not using the resolution status.  The problem is that many of the default filters and gadgets look at this field.  My developers are seeing closed issues that are unresolved.  If issues are closed, we don't want to have them seen at all.  I've tried updating some of the queries to use status explicitly, but my options seem limited.

    As a quick work around, I want to bulk edit all "status = closed AND resolution = unresolved" issues to set "resolution = resolved".  There doesn't seem to be a way to do this, which is very frustrating.  I don't want to have re-open 250+ issues just to set them to resolved and close them again.  Setting the "jira.issue.editable" flag didn't change anything for me.  I still can't edit the issues that are closed.

    05 Jun 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      The status is not what is used, it's the system Resolution field you need to care about. See Resolved, Resolution and Resolution Date and chapter 1 of Practical JIRA Administration.

      05 Jun 2013
  16. User avatar



    Is there any way i can attach files to closed issues in JIRA. I can add comments but sometimes it becomes vital to add files for justification of the comments. Which is possible only once i re-open the ticket add the file and then close it.I really want to avoid re-opening the ticket just for adding files.

    Is there any alternate to add files to closed JIRA issues? 

    15 Aug 2013
  17. User avatar

    Jerome F.


    My need is to be able to edit some fields of the issue after it is closed, but only the fields I choose... A another way should be to block the close transition, if these fields are empty. 



    06 Dec 2013
    1. User avatar

      John Jessup

      Yes, you can add a workflow transition to the closed step (just make the destination step closed as well), and add a new transition view only showing the fields you want to be editable.  With this approach, you can also add an "attachment" field to allow for new attachments to be added during the transition.

      28 Feb 2014
  18. User avatar


    I'm adding to the voice of administrator being able to override the edit AND also be able to re-assign or perform bulk changes on closed issues WITHOUT having to move to another status or any other workaround.

    27 Jan 2014
  19. User avatar

    Peter Gilchrist

    Has anyone seen an issue on JIRA where this can be voted on - I would love to add my weight to this one but don't want to duplicate!

    The closest I could find was this:  JRA-33672 - Improve the way Labels can be deleted in JIRA Open

    16 Jul 2014
  20. User avatar



    I was able to hide the edit, but I can't stop the inline editing, which still allows users to make some change to the issue, is there any way to stop that ? I'll be glad to know.Thanks for the help!

    04 Nov 2014
  21. User avatar

    ricardo wolosker

    did not work for me too. I created a custom field of type DateTime. I need to change the type to Date only. I chose change in bulk edit issues, I selected the completed field and the destination field. He says the blank fields are filled, only that it does not.

    11 Nov 2014
  22. User avatar

    Mary Van Nostern

    My team is looking for a way to edit label on closed issues. We are often asked to report on issues historically.  We'd like to be able to make the label field editable on closed issues.  Has anyone been successful in making a change like this?  

    05 Feb 2015
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      Hi Mary! The ability to edit closed issues, which includes changing the Labels field, can be controlled per status by JIRA Workflow Properties. The specific property that is likely set in your workflow's Closed status is jira.issue.editable=false

      To change this needs a JIRA administrator to edit the workflow. There are more details at Workflow properties

      05 Feb 2015
  23. User avatar

    Peter Gilchrist

    Please someone fulfill Mary VN's request ...labels are driving me crazy ...it is like a cluttered desk! Using AOD (on Demand cloud version) of Jira.

    05 Feb 2015
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      Done! An even better place to ask this kind of question is https://answers.atlassian.com

      05 Feb 2015
  24. User avatar

    ashley alfaro

    Guys! So I was going a lil coo-coo, thinking "Why the f*** can't I edit even after deleting the "jira.issue.editable" property." After some clear-headed thinking, I realized, "This workflow isn't published. I'm a doofus." After setting that property to "true" (by deleting the original property set to "false" and readding it), I successfully bulk edited 30+ JIRA issues. It was easy breezy. Felt amazing! Hope this helps. 

    20 Feb 2015
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