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Attaching a File

JIRA allows you to attach files to an issue.

To be able to attach files, your JIRA administrator must have enabled file attachments

On this page:

Attaching a File to an Issue

(info) To attach files to an issue, you need the Create Attachments project permission in that issue's project.

To attach a file to a JIRA issue:

  1. Open the JIRA issue to which you wish to attach a file.
  2. Select More > Attach Files.
  3. The Attach Files dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Browse to search for your files.

    • You can attach more than one file at a time: after you select a file, it will appear at the top of the 'Attach Files' dialog box, followed by each subsequent file you add.
    • If you use Firefox 3.6 or later or Chrome browsers, you can select multiple files in the browser dialog box.
    • If you select a file by mistake, clear its check box to prevent the file from being attached to the issue.
    • By default, the maximum size of any one file is 10MB, although this limit can be customized by your JIRA administrator. See Configuring File Attachments for more information.
    • File names cannot contain any of these characters: '\', '/','\"', '%', ':', '$', '?', '*'.
  5. Optional: Enter a comment about the files(s) you are attaching.
    (info) If you enter a comment, then you can also set the security level for the comment by selecting the appropriate value from the padlock icon dropdown. The security level for the comment is 'All Users' by default.
  6. Click the Attach button. All selected files will be attached to the issue.

Viewing an Image Gallery

By default, JIRA displays image files (ie. GIFs, JPGs, PNGs) attached to an issue, including any screenshots, as thumbnails.

(info) If your JIRA administrator has disabled Thumbnails in JIRA's Attachment Settings, then the image files will be part of the list of attached files instead.

Click on an image's thumbnail to preview a larger version of it in a popup. If multiple images are attached to an issue, click the left and right arrows to see previews of the adjacent attached images.

Sorting Attachments

You can sort the list of attachments on JIRA issues in ascending or descending order according to the attachment file name or date of attachment to the issue.

To sort your list of attachments:

  1. Open a JIRA issue with attachments.
  2. Click the down-arrow icon to the right of the Attachments section and select the required sort criteria or order options provided in the list.
    (info) Your final sort criteria and order options will also apply to image thumbnails and all subsequent issues viewed.

Accessing ZIP-format File Contents

When viewing an issue, JIRA allows you to browse and access the contents of any ZIP-format file (such as those with a '.zip' or '.jar' file name extension) attached to an issue.

To browse the contents of a zipped attachment and access its files:

  1. Open a JIRA issue with an attached zipped file.
  2. Click the right-arrow icon to the left of the zipped file's name.
  3. The contents of the zipped file are listed. From this expanded list, you can access the zipped file's individual files by clicking their linked names or you can download the whole zipped file in its entirety by clicking the Download Zip link.
    (info) If a file is located within a subdirectory of the zipped file, then the path to that file is indicated in the content of the zipped file. For example, the content of Files.zip listed in the screenshot above shows that File 5.txt is located within the Folder 1 subdirectory of Files.zip.

(info) If your JIRA Administrator has disabled ZIP support in JIRA's Attachment Settings, then this feature will not be available and you must download the zip file to your computer before accessing its individual files.

Exporting All Attachments as a ZIP File

To download all the files attached to an issue as a single ZIP file:

  1. Open the JIRA issue from which you wish to export all attachments as a zip file.
  2. Click the down-arrow icon to the right of the Attachments section and select Download All from the dropdown menu.

Removing a File Attachment from an Issue

(info) To remove attachments from an an issue, you need either of the following the project permissions in that issue's project:

  • Delete Own Attachments — to delete files which you have added to the issue.
  • Delete All Attachments — to delete files which anyone has added to the issue.

To remove a file attachment from a JIRA issue:

  1. Open the JIRA issue from which you wish to remove a file.
  2. Click the down-arrow icon to the right of the 'Attachments' section and select Manage Attachments from the dropdown menu.
    The Manage Attachments page will appear:

    (info) Note: Only users with the appropriate Delete Issues project permissions can remove attachments.
  3. Locate the file you wish to delete and click the Delete Attachment icon:

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34 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    How to attach files after issue is closed ?

    18 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar


      I believe you'll have to allow editing of closed issues.

      29 Nov 2011
      1. User avatar


        Thank you ..

        30 Nov 2011
  2. User avatar

    Sergii Kirsa

    Hi all,

    Why there is no possibility to delete a few selected items and "Delete All" option?  It's very useful for managing with huge amount of attachments.

    Probably there is some tricks for this? But I didn't find it in administration menu. Any ideas?

    12 Sep 2011
  3. User avatar


    It would be nice if tarball (i.e. .tar) and even compressed tarball (i.e. .tar.gz, .tar.bz2) attachments were given the same treatment as zip files in terms of being able to access their contents from within Jira.  I suppose one could add RAR (i.e. .rar) to that list as well, although I would rate it way below handling tarballs.

    29 Dec 2011
  4. User avatar


    Can you attach files to individual comments?

    06 Feb 2012
  5. User avatar


    Perhaps some notation on this documentation page indicating the reason for this message (received when visiting the Manage Attachments page) would be useful to us users:  "Only users with administrative privileges to remove an issue can remove attachments."

    21 Feb 2012
    1. User avatar

      Giles Gaskell

      Hello there,

      Thanks for the suggestion. The documentation above has been amended to clarify what project permissions are required to delete attachments and an explanation has been provided to (hopefully) better explain that page description.

      I've logged JRA-27233 - Wording improvement on 'Manage Attachments' page - existing description is not clear. Closed as an improvement request for the existing wording.



      22 Feb 2012
  6. User avatar

    Reuben Sivan

    I wonder if I can share attachments that are common to different stories or issues

    05 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar

      Mike Reaves

      We place attachments and other issues into our Confluence repository, then link to them.  It's easier for the graphics team to manage images like this, which may be applicable to different issues.  However, there is no easy way to create this link.  You basically have to have a web page open to confluence in one tab, and the JIRA ticket in another, then copy and paste the link into the ticket (or create a web link).  It's the same thing I've done using bugzilla for years. 

      It's unfortunate that creating a link from a JIRA issue does not allow you to link directly to a Confluence attachment other than by referencing the URL.  I would like it if the integration between JIRA and Confluence were tighter here.

      31 Aug 2012
  7. User avatar

    Kwang Whee

    How can I edit an attachment from JIRA v4.4? Any idea?

    29 May 2012
  8. User avatar


    Kwang Whee

    you have to have the right to manage attachment, then you need to delete it and upload the new one.

    25 Jun 2012
  9. User avatar


    Error rendering 'com.atlassian.jira.jira-view-issue-plugin:attachmentmodule'. Please contact your JIRA administrators.

    What can i do for this problem:

    09 Aug 2012
  10. User avatar


    Could someone please inform me of how I can reach the <Browse...> button in the Attach files window? When focus is on Browse button and I press enter, an error message occur, it seems like the attach button is actually sent, not the browse button. I tried different alternatives, like shift + enter and ctrl + enter and arrow keys + enter. Nothing comply, neither alt+w. Please enlighten me.

    05 Sep 2012
  11. User avatar


    Is it possible to track version of the uploaded files ? In the confluence there is functionality that in case we upload file with the same name the new version of the file will be automatically created on the server.


    25 Oct 2012
  12. User avatar



    When I select a file to attach in the create issue screen, I get this message: "Cannot attach file screenshot.jpg: Project with id:'10200' not found'".


    1. Log in into JIRA as a jira-user.
    2. Follow "Create issue" link.
    3. Browse local hard drive to select a file to attach.
    4. Select the file screenshot.jpg.

    The system prints out the message above, even before I press the 'Create' issue button.

    The system is running on:

    • JIRA 5.1#768
    • Windows 7.
    • HSQL Database (built-in database).
    • Evaluation licence.
    • Attach global permission is set to ON.
    • Attach permission is set to true for that user.
    Could someone please tell me what's wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

    02 Nov 2012
    1. User avatar


      I've found the cause. Is due to the web browser:

      • Chrome 22.0 DOESN'T work.
      • Internet Explorer 9.0 DO work.


      02 Nov 2012
  13. User avatar


    anybody know how to add thumbnails (in comment) to attached fiels that contain - and spaces in it's name

    I get a "Unable to render embedded object: File (TEST_AAA-5030_My File.png) not found." when i specify it as "!TEST_AAA\-5030_My File.png|thumbnail!"

    09 Nov 2012
    1. User avatar

      Ivan Pushkin

      if you bought the jira, create a ticket for their support. they should resolve your issue in several days.

      16 Nov 2012
  14. User avatar

    Ivan Pushkin


    is any way to access preview for attached files instead of downloading them?


    16 Nov 2012
  15. User avatar


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    İstanbul'da evden eve nakliyat için nakliyat firması aradığınızda sizlere yardımcı olmaya hazırı

    03 Apr 2013
  16. User avatar

    Jan Matis

    Do you have any idea, what could help, if JIRA doesn't show the attached files to an issue?

    In attachment configuration are all options enabled.

    08 Apr 2013
  17. User avatar

    nguyen lucie

    Hi all,

    Does someone know how to customise the JIRA tool in order to open the attached file in the issue when this issue is displayed on doc format

    23 Apr 2013
  18. User avatar



    I need that a client can attach some files when he is creating issues, but I can give him "Browse project" permission.
    How Can I do that? 

    23 Apr 2013
    1. User avatar



      which version do you use because the version 5.2.10 allows you to attach file when creating an issue

      29 Apr 2013
  19. User avatar


    To attach a file to a JIRA issue:

    1. Open the JIRA issue to which you wish to attach a file.
    2. Select More > Attach Files.

    Where is "More"

    25 May 2013
  20. User avatar

    Stefan Nolting

    Is it possible to apply viewing restrictions to an attachment, similar to comments?

    11 Jul 2013
  21. User avatar


    Is it possible to attach a file to a project? I need to upload a style guide for the project my team is working on and I don't see anywhere for me to do this

    08 Oct 2013
  22. User avatar


    Is it possible to attach and view pdf files inside a project?

    04 Dec 2013
  23. User avatar


    Similar to a comment above.  Is it possible to attach a file in JIRA Agile to the entire project.  Maybe something that would show up on the Project page - alongside the Summary, Reports, and Activity Stream?

    04 Feb 2014
  24. User avatar


    Feature request: Ability to add attachments to JIRA issues via a unix friendly, non-GUI interface.

    In our shop, when an issue occurs in our product, QA generates a zip file of logs. They are generated on the product machines themselves which run Linux. Currently, they have to go through a lot of steps to finally get that zip file attached to the JIRA issue. It would save a lot of time if they could upload the logs.zip to the JIRA issue directly from the Linux machine.

    24 Mar 2014
  25. User avatar

    Stefan Nolting

    Maybe you can create a script witch gathers the information and sends the log to jira via email. So you only have to connect the issue created for the correct daily log and the related jira issue in the frontend. If you add this as cron job no server interaction is needed. If you don’t need/want daily logs, you portably can modify the script to enter the jira issue number and execute the script manually on server.  

    25 Mar 2014
  26. User avatar

    Charles Albrecht

    I've added  JRA-42291 - "Delete Own Attachments" permission is not sufficient for a user to delete their own attachments Resolved  to underscore my confusion as to why the "Delete Own Attachments" permission also apparently requires the "Delete Issue" permission to function. I have roles with "Delete Own Attachments" (which I have no intention allowing to delete issues) who can't delete their own attachments. The coupling of these two permissions seems inexplicable. 

    03 Mar 2015
    1. User avatar

      Charles Albrecht

      I may have spoken too quickly. It appears that these permissions might not actually be coupled at all. (Which makes this documentation and the warning on the Manage Attachments page regarding the Delete Issues permission all the more frustrating.)

      04 Mar 2015
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