JIRA is now available as three separate applications, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. For more information on administering these applications, refer to the Administering JIRA Applications documentation.

Choosing a Language

The default language is set by your JIRA administrator (see Configuring JIRA Options), but you can personalise your JIRA account to use a language of your choice.

To choose a language:

  1. Choose your user name at top right of the screen, then choose Profile.
  2. In the 'Preferences' section, click the edit icon at the top-right to open the Updated User Preferences dialog box.
  3. Select your language from the Language drop-down list.
  4. Click the Update button.

Obtaining Additional Languages

If your particular language is not available from the 'Language' dropdown menu, contact your JIRA System Administrator to request them to install your particular language pack for JIRA.

For more information, see Translating JIRA and if necessary, ask your JIRA System Administrator to refer to the Managing JIRA's Plugins page for instructions on how to install JIRA plugins (including JIRA language packs).

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    Hello, Is JIRA available for users in spanish? Screens and fields

    22 Mar 2013
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    08 Nov 2013
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    Olivier Albertini

    There is a workaround for customer of JIRA DESK HELP 2.0

    Because it's a Major issue ...

    Indeed, "Customer " don't have Updated User Preferences dialog box like JIRA user

    07 Oct 2014
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