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Cloning an Issue

Cloning, or copying, an issue lets you quickly create a duplicate of an issue within the same project. The clone issue is a replica of the original issue, containing the same information stored in the original issue — e.g. Summary, Affects Versions, Components, etc. The clone issue can also be linked to the original issue.

A clone issue is a separate entity from the original issue. Operations on the original issue have no effect on the clone issue and vice versa. The only connection is a link – if created – between the original and the clone issue.

On this page:

A clone issue retains the following information:

  • Summary

    (With optional prefix that can be customized by your JIRA system administrator; see Configuring Issue Cloning for details.)
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Environment
  • Priority
  • Issue Type
  • Security
  • Reporter
    (If you do not have the Modify Reporter permission, the clone issue will be created with you as the Reporter.)
  • Components
  • Affects Versions
  • Fix For Versions
  • Issue Links (optional)
  • Attachments (optional)
  • Project
    (Once the clone has been saved, you can move it to another project as described in Moving an Issue.)

The content of custom fields is also cloned.

Things that aren't cloned:

  • Time tracking
  • Comments
  • Issue history
  • Links to Confluence pages

Statuses and resolutions of clone issues aren't cloned; however, the statuses return to the first step of the corresponding workflow, and the resolutions are cleared.

Creating a Clone Issue

To clone an issue:

  1. Open the JIRA issue you wish to clone.
  2. Select More > Clone. The Clone Issue screen will appear.
    • You can edit the clone issue's Summary if you wish.
    • If the issue contains links to other issue(s), you can select whether or not to include the links in the new clone issue.
    • If the issue contains sub-tasks, you can select whether or not to create the sub-tasks in the new clone issue.
    • If the issue contains attachments, you can select whether or not to include the attachments in the new clone issue.
  3. Click Create.

Cloned Issue Linking Behavior

By default, when an issue is cloned, JIRA automatically creates a link between the original and cloned issue using the pre-existing link type name 'Cloners'.

Your JIRA system administrator can customize this default behavior by either preventing links from being created or changing the name of the link type. See Configuring Issue Cloning for details.

Cloned Issue Summary Field Prefix

By default, the Summary field of a cloned issue is prefixed with the string 'CLONE - ' to indicate that the issue is a clone.

Your JIRA system administrator can customize this default behavior by either changing the prefix string or preventing the addition of prefixes on cloned issues. See Configuring Issue Cloning for details.

Cloning and Sub-Tasks

Sub-Tasks can be cloned in the same manner as other issue types.

If the original issue has associated sub-tasks, that issue's sub-tasks will also be cloned. The summary of a cloned sub-task will also include the prefix specified in the properties file.

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55 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Jon Sword

    Why were the following two info boxes removed from the latest version of the documentation? They still appear to be relevant.

    It is not possible to clone an issue between projects — i.e. create a clone of an issue from one project and place it in a different project. This enhancement will be addressed in a future release.

    If the current user does not have the 'Modify Reporter' permission, the clone issue will be created with the same reporter as the original issue.

    Does this mean you are no longer going to add this enhancement in a future release?

    If you are looking to clone issues between projects please vote here: http://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-1558

    126 votes and counting!

    08 Jun 2010
    1. User avatar

      Rosie Jameson [Atlassian]


      We've actually included those points at the top of the page — please see the list introduced by this sentence: "A clone issue retains the following information:".

      Sorry, I'm not sure of the status of JRA-1558. I will follow up with the product manager.

      Thank you for your time and your input,

      11 Jun 2010
      1. User avatar

        Jon Sword

        Hi Rosie,

        I do see it now.  Thanks for pointing that out.

        I have to admit, I liked the clarity of the info boxes and I notice that the reference to the enhancement in a further release is no longer there.  Looking forward to your update on JRA-1558.


        11 Jun 2010
  2. User avatar


    Is it possible to use an API call to clone an issue?  If so can you point me to the documentation for this?

    26 Jul 2010
  3. User avatar


    Is it possible to diasable issue cloning?
    systemwide? for some project?

    17 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar


      / push

      11 Mar 2011
      1. User avatar

        Tim Eddelbuettel

        There is a workaround in JRA-14434.


        11 Mar 2011
        1. User avatar


          thx Tim for your fast answer

          11 Mar 2011
  4. User avatar

    David Corley

    Does the clone operation also copy the values of custom fields? It's not documented here, but appears to be the case from testing in our Jira instance.

    25 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar


      Does the clone operation also copy the values of custom fields?  if yes please provide details how to modify the custom field values while cloning issue.


      10 Feb 2011
  5. User avatar

    Max Cantor

    Why would you want to clone an issue...?  It would be great to have an example of one or two use cases on this page.

    03 Dec 2010
    1. User avatar

      Jon Sword


      Have a read through the comments on JRA-1558 (link above).  There are a few there.

      04 Dec 2010
    1. User avatar


      We keep separate projects for our Customer-Submitted Issues and our Developer Work

      Items. After a customer rep has verified a customer's issue, he clones it into the

      Developer Work Items for a software Engineer to fix.  This was all the back and forth

      discussion on an issue is kept out of the customer viewable project, and the item can

      be closed in the Developer Work Items project, while it remains open in the

      Customer-submitter Issues project until some patch release actually is availlable with

      this fix to the customer.

      25 Mar 2011
      1. User avatar

        James Porter

        May I ask the steps you are doing to achieve this - as it is exactly the functionality we are after.  Is it a manual process?  i.e. - a case of clone the issue then move it to another project in separate steps, or can it be done more simply - even automated? 

        06 Nov 2013
  6. User avatar

    Nikhil Naoghare

    Can we remove the unwanted fields from the parent issue while creating the Clone of it?

    Please tell me. 

    08 Feb 2011
  7. User avatar


    Is there way to make below optional field to clone by default.

    • Issue Links (optional)
    • Attachments (optional)

    We want attachments and issue links to be cloned always. So instead of selecting check box every time, is there a way to make it mandatory while cloning.

    Please let me know.



    01 Apr 2011
  8. User avatar

    Joël Conraud

    In this document, you are not mentioning the fact issue status is not copied by cloning but put back to 'New'. I believe it is important to mention that point.

    01 Jun 2011
  9. User avatar



    Any idea how to make clone issue operation disable for particular project ??using jira 4.1.2

    20 Jul 2011
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons]

      JIRA Clone-Plus plugin provides customization options including things like this.

      21 Aug 2011
  10. User avatar



    How can I Avoid Custom Field Cloning in Jira ?


    Riddhi Shah

    26 Jul 2011
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons]

      JIRA Clone-Plus plugin provides customization options to control custom fields.

      21 Aug 2011
  11. User avatar

    Przemek Cichon

    EDIT: disregard please, this can be deleted


    Is it possible to clone tasks in between projects? I have created a project with template tasks which I am going to use in further projects. I was looking for a way to easily copy the task to a new project. Or perhaps there is other solution for this?

    Thanks in advance for your help 

    30 Jul 2011
  12. User avatar


    I there a way to clone an issue via the jira v2 soap service?  Thanks!

    09 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons]

      No, but JIRA Command Line Interface provides actions for cloning.

      21 Aug 2011
  13. User avatar


    Is it possible to perform a bulk clone? I.e. Clone all issues within a component of "Test" or clone all issues within a project

    22 Sep 2011
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift

      There is a Bulk clone plugin . I haven't tried that, but its going to do the normal clone operation. You can write a new feature request to have clone plus do a similar thing with clone+ actions. Not sure how difficult that would be.

      22 Sep 2011
  14. User avatar


    Hey, I was wondering if there was anyway you could do a automatic clone, as there is a task that needs doing every month. It will be a lot easier and less time consuming if it was automatic same time every month.


    02 Dec 2011
  15. User avatar

    Bob Swift

    Not in the UI, but you could schedule JIRA Command Line Interface clone action using your favorite scheduler.

    02 Dec 2011
    1. User avatar


      Thanks that is something  i will look into

      05 Dec 2011
  16. User avatar


    clone (copy) issue from one project to an other.

    Is this function available now ?


    Somebody asked what the use for:

    for example:

    we develop Apps for different purpose. Most of the App's are for more than one system. For Example anroid, IOS....


    in case we have an bug, improvment.. issue which effects all systems, we have to create issues (same content) on all projects(systems) this is not really user friendly.

    I have seen that cloning within one project works well, but need to clone between projects.


    thanks for help

    06 Jun 2012
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift

      JIRA Clone-Plus Plugin provides this capability.

      06 Jun 2012
  17. User avatar

    Renuka Patil

    Hi All,

    I want a event for cloning issue in my program because I want to copy my source project value to a my project picker

    custom field at the time of cloning issue.

    How can I get such event? Is there clone event available in JIRA or How can I do it?? Is there available Plugin for it??

    Please help me on this.

    Thanks & Regards,


    11 Mar 2013
  18. User avatar



    we have an problem when cloning the issues in JIRA. Even though we select to not clone the links it actually associates/links the clone-issue with the Sprint that the initial issue was a part of. And there is no way to remove this association.

    Actually if we review the Sprint information (Sprint Report) we do not see the clone-issue in any of the lists (including "Issues Not Completed").

    Please advice how to avoid cloning this association and/or how to remove this association for the issues that we have cloned.

    If this is a known issue, could you please provide me with the reference to the bug where we could track the status of the fix.


    Thank you!

    29 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar


      I've got the same problem....Help!

      31 May 2013
      1. User avatar

        Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

        File an issue with steps to reproduce, what you expected, what you saw

        31 May 2013
  19. User avatar

    Lisa Rahder

    Why did you use the word "clone" and not "copy"?

    29 Jul 2013
  20. User avatar


    Can you clone an issue and set the default assignee as 'Unassigned'?

    02 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      I believe the default assignee is always "Automatic" and then you can change what that means in the project admin page, e.g. unassigned or project lead

      02 Aug 2013
  21. User avatar


    is it possible to add a post-condition in the "create" transition (between CREATE and SUBMITTED status) to reset the assignee field? It seems worked for me.

    14 Aug 2013
  22. User avatar



    I'm looking for a way to clone an issue in JIRA so that all the operations on the original issue have the same effect on the clone issue and vice versa.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you in advance for your answer!

    30 Oct 2013
  23. User avatar

    sandeep bhaskar


    Is there a native JIRA operation to bulk clone issues in a project?? Bulk clone plugin seems to have issues, non-admin users cannot view the information about the project, when clicked on a project under projects tab. It appears blank, but when I disable the plugin it works fine.

    Or is there any other way to bulk clone issues. I don't prefer using the CLI. Please suggest if there is any other way/plugin available to do this.





    20 Nov 2013
  24. User avatar


    I'm cloning tickets and the "JIRA Issue" links on tickets are copying across however the "Web Links" are not?

    Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening? Is this the desired behaviour?

    09 Dec 2013
  25. User avatar


    We are having a similar issue except that we are not presented the option to clone links at all in some cases but in other cases the checkboxes appear. We havent found any similiarity between the cases to diagnose the cause.

    Any ideas?

    03 Jan 2014
    1. User avatar

      Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons]

      Checkbox likely only appears if the issue has links that would be cloned.

      03 Jan 2014
  26. User avatar


    Is there a way of making a clone WITH all the original comments ?


    09 Jan 2014
      1. User avatar


        I just checked the Clone Plus plugin documentation. It doesn't talk about cloning the comments too. Am I missing something?

        20 May 2014
          1. User avatar


            Thanks for that. We just tried to use the trial version in our JIRA test server. When tried to access the plugin, it gives this error message:


            Could not find what you were looking for. Maybe you should raise an issue."

            Could it be an JSP issue?

            20 May 2014
            1. User avatar

              Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons]

              You will need to follow the Installation instructions to install the JSPs needed.

              20 May 2014
  27. User avatar

    C Crefeld

    When cloning a task (with sub tasks), a lot of people get notifications about the clones, although it is not assigned - actually they receive an email for every sub task clone. How can I avoid this?

    28 Jan 2014
  28. User avatar

    Ming Lee

    I noticed that when an issue is being cloned, JIRA does not seem to enforce the validation and post functions setup for the Create step of the applicable workflow. It seems logical to me to enforce or honor the rules set up for issue creation. I found the same issue with Convert Issue, too. Is it the right behavior?

    09 Jul 2014
  29. User avatar

    Christopher Yeleighton

    Why does the Reporter stay?  When I clone an issue, I want it to be reported by myself!

    22 Aug 2014
  30. User avatar

    Сергей Ильдяков

    How to make same task repeating every week in JIRA

    Can u show me on this example please. 

    I need to set up same task at 1pm every monday.  

    16 Apr 2015
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