Configuring project specific security

We are often asked the following:

How do we configure the system so that a user/user-group can only create/browse issues on one specific project?

The Default Permission Scheme grants users in the Project Role(Users) permissions to Browse Project and Create Issues (among other actions). When users are created they are automatically added to the jira-user group that is the default JIRA Users Global Permission.  jira-users group is by default in the Role(Users) of a new project making new projects visible to all users. If a user is removed from jira-user then he also looses the JIRA Users Global Permission that grants the user access to JIRA.

To solve this:

  • Create another different group with the ability to login by granting them JIRA Users Global Permission and grant that group access to the Project 

  1. Create a new user group that will have access to that project: 'GroupS'
  2. Grant JIRA Users Global Permission to 'GroupS'
  3. Add the users to the new 'GroupS'
  4. Remove those users from jira-users group 
  5. Assign 'GroupS' to the Project Role(Users) of  your specific Project


Users in 'GroupS' have JIRA access and can Browse and Create issues only on the specific project.


The Project can be hidden to only 'GroupS' by replacing jira-users group on all Project Roles.

Follow up guide and Step by Step example on How to restrict project access to different isolated user groups

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