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Configuring the initial status

Use this procedure to configure the initial status for your workflow. You can start off with an active workflow, which you can then switch to draft mode, or any other workflow in your system.

  1. Click on Open under the Step Name column to view or edit a step's properties:

  2. Click on the Create Issue incoming transition:

    Note: If you happen to be in an active workflow, which you cannot edit, you will be asked to switch to a draft workflow to continue.

  3. Click Edit to set the new destination step:

  4. Select a new Destination Step, and then click Update to save it:

  5. Now, when a new issue is created, it goes straight to the In Progress step, as shown here:

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9 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    Thanks, this page helps me to understand the process.

    12 Jun 2012
  2. User avatar


    how does JIRA know to link to the status open when creating a default workflow? it searches the statuses by name? what happens if I rename the status open? what if I delete it?


    is this hard coded that the open status should be linked? I do not understand the process.

    18 Aug 2012
  3. User avatar


    How do you customise the "transition view" for new issue creation?

    17 Oct 2012
  4. User avatar


    How can I define different start status for different Issue types?

    08 May 2013
    1. User avatar


      You have to associate different workflows for each issue type you need to start with a different intial status

      16 Jul 2013
  5. User avatar

    Daren Edmiston

    Can you have the destination a different workflow?

    11 Jun 2013
    1. User avatar


      Not possible unfortunately

      16 Jul 2013
  6. User avatar


    Hi all,


    this works graeat for us, but it seems that when converting it still picks the first status in the workflow, not the status we assigned to craete process. Do you know how to ammend default status after convert?




    22 Nov 2013
  7. User avatar

    David McGuerty

    Seems like there should just be a radio button to select THE initial Status. Or default it to the Status that is not set by another transition. Elsewhere I saw where the good practice was to the name the Event the same as the Status. So I guess it wouldn't apply in this case?

    Seems like the key to this INITIAL STATE is hidden way down in the documentation instead of on a user-friendly screen where it is needed and would avoid a lot of confusion. Oh well...so many missed opportunities.

    24 Jan 2014
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