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Configuring Trusted Applications Authentication for an Application Link

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4 Archived comments

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    What about Crucible URLs?

    04 May 2012
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    Following solution works:

    add in the url pattern: /rpc/xmlrpc

    switch crowd user server on the top in JIRA and Confluence

     (JIRA Linker plugin)

    13 Aug 2012
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    Stash URLs?

    30 Aug 2012
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    Martin Sander

    If your remote application is Confluence, enter the following URL Patterns: /plugins/servlet/streams,/plugins/servlet/applinks/whoami


    If your local application is Confluence, enter the following URL Patterns — /plugins/servlet/streams,/plugins/servlet/applinks/whoami


    These are missing /rpc/xmlrpc, otherwise you will see "you are not allowed to view this page" in JIRA, and

    in the logs. You also need to enable the Confluence remote API, of course

    24 Apr 2013
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