JIRA is now available as three separate applications, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. For more information on administering these applications, refer to the Administering JIRA Applications documentation.

Creating a Notification Scheme

JIRA can generate email notifications for various events that happen throughout the lifecycle of an issue, including custom events. Notifications are defined within a notification scheme (see below), which associates particular events with particular email recipients. The notification scheme is then assigned to a particular project.

(info) You can use the same notification scheme for more than one project.

JIRA is pre-packaged with a notification scheme called Default Notification Scheme. This scheme is associated with all new projects by default. This means that if you have an outgoing (SMTP) mail server set up, that email notifications will be sent as soon as there is any activity (e.g. issues created) in the new project. However, you can disassociate this notification scheme from the project via the Project Summary page, as described below. You can also modify this scheme or if you prefer, create other notifications schemes for particular projects.

On this page:

Creating a notification scheme

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > Issues. Select Notification Schemes to open the Notification Schemes page, which lists all the current notification schemes in your JIRA installation.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing notification schemes
  3. Start creating the new notification scheme, by doing either of the following:
    • Click the Copy link to copy an existing notification scheme. If you have a notification scheme whose event recipients are reasonably similar to what you require, creating a copy is the quickest way to add a new scheme.
    • Click the Add Notification Scheme button. On the Add Notification Scheme page, enter a name for the notification scheme and a short description of the scheme
  4. If you added a new notification scheme or you copied an existing one but have clicked the Edit  link to modify the automatically generated name and/or description of the copied notification scheme:
    1. Enter a name (or modify the existing one) for the notification scheme (e.g. 'Angry Nerds Notification scheme').
    2. (Optional) Enter a description (or modify the existing one) for the notification scheme.
    3. Click the Add button to create the notification scheme.
  5. Add notifications/recipients as described below.
  6. Associate your new notification scheme with a project as described below.

Adding an event recipient to a notification scheme

To add a new recipient for a particular event to a notification scheme, you need to:

  1. Identify the notification scheme used by the relevant project.
  2. Add that recipient to the appropriate event in this notification scheme.

To add a new recipient for a particular event:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > Issues. Select Notification Schemes to open the Notification Schemes page, which lists all the current notification schemes in your JIRA installation.
      (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing notification schemes
    Screenshot 1: The 'Notification Schemes' page
  3. Locate the notification scheme of interest and click its linked name to open the Edit Notifications page for that notification scheme.
    The Edit Notifications page lists all of the events (mentioned below), along with the recipients who will receive notifications when each event occurs:
    Screenshot 2: The 'Edit Notifications' page
  4. Click the Add link in the appropriate event row (see the list of events below), which opens the Add Notification page, where you can choose who to notify (about the event) from the list of available recipients (see below).
    Screenshot 3: The 'Add Notification' page
  5. Select the appropriate recipient (filling in any required information for your particular choice of recipient).
  6. Click the Add button. You are taken back to the Edit Notifications page (see above), with the notification you just specified now listed against the appropriate issue event.
  7. If you make a mistake, or you would like to remove who is being notified, simply click the Delete link beside the person/group/role.

Associating a notification scheme with a project

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > Projects, and click the name of a project.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing projects
  3. At the lower-right of the Project Summary page, locate the Notifications section, click the name of the current scheme (e.g. Default Notification Scheme) or None (if the project is not yet associated with a scheme) to display details of the project's current notification scheme.
  4. Click the Actions dropdown menu and choose Use a different scheme (or Select a scheme).
    Screenshot 4: The Project Notifications page
  5. On the subsequent Associate Notification Scheme to Project page, which lists all available notification schemes, select the notification scheme you want to associate with the project and click the Associate button.


JIRA supports the following events, which can generate email notifications (as defined in a notification scheme).



Issue Created:

An issue has been entered into the system.

Issue Updated:

An issue has had its details changed. This includes the deletion of an issue comment.

Issue Assigned:

An issue has been assigned to a new user.

Issue Resolved:

An issue has been resolved (usually after being worked on and fixed).

Issue Closed:

An issue has been closed. (Note that an issue may be closed without being resolved; see Workflow).

Issue Commented:

An issue has had a comment added to it.

Issue Comment Edited:

An issue's comment has been modified.

Issue Reopened:

An issue has been re-opened.

Issue Deleted:

An issue has been deleted.

Issue Moved:

An issue has been moved into or out of this project.

Work Logged On Issue:

An issue has had hours logged against it (i.e. a worklog has been added).

Work Started On Issue:

The Assignee has started working on an issue.

Work Stopped On Issue:

The Assignee has stopped working on an issue.

Issue Worklog Updated:

An entry in an issue's worklog has been modified.

Issue Worklog Deleted:

An entry in an issue's worklog has been deleted.

Generic Event:

The exact nature of this event depends on the workflow transition(s) from it was fired.

Custom Event(s):

The exact nature of these events depends on the workflow transition(s) from which they were fired.

(info) JIRA does not have a specific notification event for the deletion of issue comments. When an issue's comment is deleted, JIRA sends out an email notification as an 'Issue Updated' event.


The following types of recipients can receive email notifications.



Current Assignee

The user to whom the issue is currently assigned.


The user who originally created the issue.

Current User

The user who performed the action that has triggered this event.

Project Lead

The user who is managing the project to which the issue belongs.

Component Lead

The user who is managing the component to which the issue belongs.

Single User

A particular user in your JIRA system.


A particular group in your JIRA system.

Project Role

The members of a particular project role for this project.
(info) Note that it is recommended to use project roles (rather than groups) in your notifications as this can help minimise the number of notification schemes in your system.

Single Email Address

Any email address that you wish to alert.
(info) A Single Email Address notification will only be sent if the issue is publicly viewable (as the email address of a non-JIRA user could be specified, in which case a security check is not possible). Publicly viewable issues are issues which have a Permission scheme that gives the 'Browse Projects' permission to 'Anyone' (any non-logged-in users). The text template is used for notifications to a single email address.

All Watchers

All users who are watching the issue.

User Custom Field Value

The value of a custom field of type User Picker or Multi User Picker that may have been associated with issues.
(info) An example of where this can be useful: if you have a custom User field called Tester, you can have the tester notified when an issue is resolved.

Group Custom Field Value

The value of a custom field of type Group Picker or Multi Group Picker that may have been associated with issues..

(info) Please Note:

  • Email notifications will only be sent to people who have permission to view the relevant issue — that is, people who:
  • JIRA can only send email notifications if SMTP email has been enabled (see Email Overview).
  • JIRA's default setting is to not notify users of their own changes. This can be changed on a per user basis via their Profile Preferences.

(warning) Please also note:

JIRA will send notification emails to both the previous assignee and the current assignee, whenever the assignee field changes.

However, earlier versions of JIRA only sent a notification email to the previous assignee if the operation that changed the event was the Assign Issue operation. It did not send a notification if the issue was edited in some other way.
The jira.assignee.change.is.sent.to.both.parties advanced JIRA option allows this legacy behavior to be re-instated, for those customers who prefer this behavior.

See JRA-6344 for more details.

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  1. User avatar


    Is there any way to exclude a group from a notification type?  For example, let's say I create a group called "Receive Less Email" and added users that didn't want too many JIRA emails.  If I added that group as an exclusion to the the Notification configuration below, then the email would NOT be sent if the user was in the "Received Less Email" group AND in any of the groups listed below.  Please let me know if anything is unclear here.

    Issue Resolved (System)

    • Current Assignee (Delete)
    • Reporter (Delete)
    • All Watchers (Delete)
    • Group (Notifications - All) (Delete)
    • Component Lead (Delete)



    08 Jun 2011
    1. User avatar


      It can be done.

      21 May 2012
      1. User avatar




        25 Jul 2012
        1. User avatar


          How is this possible to configure? Can you explain further?

          10 Oct 2012
  2. User avatar


    Looking for a way to have one or more users get all emails about everything on the jira install.  Is this possible to make a scheme for a particular user or set of users?


    26 Jul 2011
    1. User avatar


      You mean, a particular GROUP of users? Look at how user groups are set up – you can assign JIRA users to them. Then look at the page above, and you'll see an option is to send a message to a group.

      So create a group like jira-notify-all and assign the appropriate users to it. Then make sure all your notification schemes send all their events to that group. Done.

      Just be aware – this is about changes to issues, not to JIRA itself. When you say you want them to get "all emails about everything on the JIRA install," I assume you're not talking about administrative changes. Those don't have events (as far as I know) and would not be included in notifications (so nobody would get notified that you made these changes to the notification schemes, just about changes you make to issues).

      13 Sep 2011
  3. User avatar


    Previously my Jira project sent out email notification with correct sender, aka the user who performed the action. But now all notification emails show sender as the project owner/lead. Not sure what has caused this. How can I resume to email notification with specific sender?

    02 Aug 2011
  4. User avatar


    Is there a way to configure notifications to not go to the person who triggered the notification?

    If I have an issue assigned to me, and I update it, I don't really want to receive an email with my update.

    22 Sep 2011
    1. User avatar


      Click on your name – go to your profile – edit it – change “My Changes” to ‘do not notify me’

      23 Sep 2011
  5. User avatar



    We are looking for a way when a user reply email notification where the response will get updated to the corresponding JIRA issue/ticket.

     Do we have a way to implement it


    13 Oct 2011
    1. User avatar


      Have a look at this page http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Creating+Issues+and+Comments+from+Email  it should help you to set this up.

      14 Oct 2011
  6. User avatar

    Paul Hoadley

    Is it possible to implement the following with a Notification Scheme?  If a user that is otherwise unrelated to a given ticket comments on that ticket, they then receive email notifications on some range of subsequent events.  Basically, I would like a scheme where an otherwise unrelated commenter becomes a watcher and receives subsequent comments, but I don't see a way to select "all users who have commented on the ticket" as a class of recipients.  Is anything like this possible?  (Obviously one way would be to encourage users to become watchers after they comment, but this doesn't seem to happen with any regularity.)

    19 Oct 2011
    1. User avatar


      Can be accomplished by using the custom field "Participants" of the Jira Toolkit Plugin as recipient

      04 Apr 2012
      1. User avatar

        Paul Hoadley

        Thanks for the suggestion. Works perfectly.

        03 May 2012
  7. User avatar


    Question about Time based email notifications.

    I would like to know if there is a option to send notification to project owner and/or assigned user when a issue have not been updated within a certain time.

    We use it for incident management and it would really help to have a feature that escalates (send email is enough) the incident if it have not been work for within a certain time.


    20 Oct 2011
    1. User avatar


      I would create a filter in which you can do this (give me all issues that have not been updated in the last 10 days) and then subscribe the group to it.  If they don't want to receive all, they can modify and create their own filter by adding the criteria where the project owner or assignee is <fill in the blank>

      Atlassian may have another solution since they send out emails to the reporter is there has been a suggested resolution, and there has been no response or update for 5 days.  I, too, would be interested to know how they do it.


      10 Jul 2012
    1. User avatar

      Svante Gustafsson

      You could check out this plugin! It works great and I think it answers your questions


      01 Mar 2013
  8. User avatar


    Is there an easy way to assign a new notification scheme to all projects? We recently migrated from Bugzilla to Jira and we have ~60 projects.




    10 Nov 2011
    1. User avatar


      I would like to know this as well. Having to change the notification scheme for dozens and dozens of projects individually is wasteful and is a pain. Does anyone know a trick to do this in bulk? I can't seem to find any documentation on this subject and surprised that it does not appear to be a constant issue on the support boards. Am I missing something?


      04 Sep 2012
  9. User avatar


    Is there a way to NOT notify a Project Lead or any other user based on Issue Type?

    01 Dec 2011
  10. User avatar




    I would like to know if there is a scheme or some sort of tool within JIRA to allow us to send emails to non JIRA users when creating a new issue?


    This would help us with the time it takes to notify non JIRA users of their ticket ID and description of their issue rather than emailing from a email app.


    Any help would be much appreciated


    02 Dec 2011
    1. User avatar

      rob kearey

      Exactly what I'm after too. I'm hesitant to dive in and create a custom handler with Scriptrunner, as that creates a potential support and upgrade issue down the line. RT can do it, so this seems like a no-brainer.

      16 Mar 2012
      1. User avatar


        You can do this simply by setting the user up within JIRA, but do not include them in the jira-user group (so they don't take up a licence and can't use the system).  So long as you set their email address up as normal you can then add them to a notification scheme as if they were a normal user and they'll get the relevant notifications.


        08 Jun 2012
        1. User avatar


          Hey Jim,,, Your solution is awesome. The user needs to have three permission "Create Issue", "Add Comment" and "Browse Project". I created a group like "external-users" and added those permissions. Then I just need to create users and join them only to this group : > 


          25 Jul 2012
  11. User avatar



    I would like to be able to notify a user group only when certain issues (such as bugs) are created for a specific project, however it seems that the notification schemes will only allow me to associate the group to the entire project so they are getting notifications of ALL issue types affiliated with the project.  Is there any way to just specify the group being notified for specific issue types? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    12 Dec 2011
    1. User avatar

      Giles Gaskell

      Hello there,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Your assumption is correct in that all default (aka 'system') events in a notification scheme apply to all issue types used by the projects to which that notification scheme is associated.

      However, JIRA also allows you to create custom events for your project's notification scheme. Each of these custom events can be associated with the relevant post function of a workflow's transition and in JIRA, workflows can be specific to issue types (as specified by the workflow scheme associated with your project).

      Hopefully, this should provide you with some degree of issue-type specific functionality in a notification scheme.

      If you're interested in proceeding, I'd recommend following the steps on the Adding a Custom Event page:

      • At step 1, give your event an self-explanatory name like Documentation Issue Closed or Imagination Issue Closed.
      • At step 2, edit the notification scheme associated with the relevant project and you should notice your custom events (from step 1) appearing at the bottom of the scheme. Hence, specify the recipients of the appropriate custom events.
      • At step 3, associate these custom events with the appropriate post functions of the workflow transitions used by your relevant issue types.

      I'm aware that this only addresses events related to JIRA workflow transitions and not the other system events such as the generic 'Issue Assigned' or 'Issue Updated' ones mentioned in the documentation above.

      However, you might be able to replicate some of this system event functionality at an issue type-specific level... For example, in a JIRA workflow used for 'documentation' issue types, for the 'issue creation' transition, add a post function that 'assigns the documentation issue to user freddie' (i.e. which will be triggered when the issue is first created) and for the same transition, add another post function that triggers a dedicated custom event specified in your notification scheme.

      I hope this information helps.



      11 Jan 2012
      1. User avatar


        This is fine for workflow steps further down the workflow AFTER an issue has been entered, however this does not help if you only want a notification when Issue Type X 'has been entered'.


        As I see it, you can either use the project's Issue Created hook (where you can't select only Bugs, or only Features), or you can add post-functions to a workflow - however there is no way to edit the post-functions for the issue creation.

        26 Jan 2012
        1. User avatar

          Jan Kurella

          It is possible! I found it having the same problem: I wanted to send mails only on bug creastion to a specific user/group.

          In addition to the steps above, you can change the Create workflow step, to get there open the workflow editor, in the upper right corner you can "browse" through the workflow by clicking on the status/steps respectivly. If you click on your first step you will see the "Create" transition. You can click there and then edit the post functions "Fire Issue Created Event" to any custom Event you want.

          I created an "Bug Created" custom event using the "Issue created template" to and adapted the notification scheme to react accordingly to this event. (Don't forget to assign the notification scheme to your project (wink) )

          29 Feb 2012
          1. User avatar


            Jan, from what I can tell you can't specify the Issue Type still. 

            07 Aug 2012
  12. User avatar

    Bert Roos

    The Jira feature list states this:

    Email Notifications


    Define personal and project levelemail notification schemes.


    How do you configure a personal notification scheme?

    10 Jan 2012
  13. User avatar




    Is there a way for JIRA to wait for a certain amount of time before sending the notification so it will consolidate changes together? The aim is to reduce the number of e-mails people receive when a story/task is created.



    18 Jan 2012
    1. User avatar


      Yes I am interested in this feature as well.  I refer to it as Batch Notification.



      07 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

        JIRA already does this. The default Mail Service is executed once per minute and sends all the emails batched up in the mail queue. Newer JIRA instances don't appear to let you edit the interval from the UI though.

        07 Feb 2013
  14. User avatar


    Hello support,

    Is it possible for single Project to have more than one Notification scheme assigned to it?

    23 Jan 2012
    1. User avatar

      Giles Gaskell

      Hello there,

      As far as I'm aware, a single project can only use one notification scheme at a time. To work around this, could you perhaps create a different notification scheme that combines the events and recipients from the multiple notification schemes you were intending to use with a single project?



      P.S. Please also be aware that any notification scheme can be re-used across multiple projects.

      23 Jan 2012
      1. User avatar


        Hi Giles,

        Thanks for the response. Not sure the solution works for me.

        We have a Default Notification assigned to Projects 1, 2 and 3.

        I create a new Notification which will just alert my specified user group of Project 1 changes but I can't assign Project 1 to it as it's already assigned to the Default Notification.

        I'm surprised at this limitation - are there any plans to allow more than one notification scheme to be assigned to a Project?



        24 Jan 2012
        1. User avatar

          Giles Gaskell

          Hello again,

          Can you not associate Project 1 with your new notification scheme (which I presume you mean by 'new Notification') by following the Associating a Notification Scheme with a Project procedure above?

          Have you also tried the following actions based on these scenarios:

          You want most event recipients in JIRA's Default Notification Scheme but want to tweak them a little for your specific project.Copy JIRA's Default Notification Scheme, tweak your new notification scheme's event recipients and then associate the scheme with your JIRA project.
          You want a completely different set of events and recipients to JIRA's Default Notification Scheme for your specific project.Create a new notification scheme, define your own events and recipients (within the scheme) from scratch and then associate the scheme with your JIRA project.



          P.S. I've restructured the content above (and tweaked a heading or too) so that hopefully this page is a little clearer as to how one implements notifications in JIRA. Please let me know if there's anything that's still not clear.

          P.P.S I'm also a little unclear of what you are attempting to achieve by applying multiple notification schemes to a single project, so if you'd like to discuss this further, I'd suggest posting a question to Atlassian Answers via the Get Answers button below.

          25 Jan 2012
  15. User avatar


    Hi Support,

    I want to generate an email if status of projcet changes. example - Open to Dev Resolved or Dev Resolved to QA Ready.

    In current notification scheme, I don't see that emails can be generated for status changes in Jira issue.

    12 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar

      David Skreiner

      For some bizarre reason, JIRA won't send a "issue edited" notification if only the status changes (sad)  (Cynics might claim that there's probably an expensive plugin for sensible notifications, so they're not fixing it)


      You'll need to edit the workflow, click on the transition from Open to Resolve, and add a custom event. Then, open the notification scheme and add recipients to that event type.


      17 Jun 2015
  16. User avatar



    Is it possible to create boolean custom field that will control whether notifications will be sent or not?

    The case: I want add 'Notify everyone' checkbox to an issue screen. If checked it should send notification to previously selected users/group. If not checked it should work as usual - depending on notification scheme.


    28 Mar 2012
    1. User avatar


      I second that motion! In general, allowing conditions that work on the Issue's properties (e.g. a simple checkbox that was realized as custom filed) to control notifications would be very useful for us. Unfortunately I could not find any way to set this up on the web. Not even viable workarounds. Does anyone have an idea?

      10 Sep 2012
  17. User avatar

    Tiemco de Jong

    Is it possible to create a notification scheme where notifications are sent only when the assignee is changed?
    Currently if the assignee is changed in a workflow step, no notification is sent.

    Is it possible to use a custom event to trigger a notification only when a extra condition is valid?

    30 Mar 2012
  18. User avatar

    Ben Arons

    I'm looking for a way to prevent the reporter of an issue from receiving some comments, but not others.  Ideally it would be controlled by the assignee (or other members of their team) on a comment by comment basis.

    Is this even possible with script?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. 

    18 Apr 2012
  19. User avatar


    Is it possible to control the frequency of the email notifications?  For example, to request them in a daily digest instead of immediately always upon the events occuring? 

    20 Apr 2012
  20. User avatar

    Joe Hansche

    There should be a way to allow ignoring a particular user (or role, group, etc) from generating emails.  For example, for the "Issue Commented" event, I want everyone to generate and receive those emails appropriately, except if it is a comment added by some robot user (e.g., if we use Jenkins or some other automated build system to update/comment on an issue).  So if any other user adds a comment, everyone gets notified appropriately.  But if our "Jenkins" user adds a comment, I want to allow suppressing that email from being sent out.  It ends up being noise, and because of the added noise, a lot of people miss more important notification emails, simply because emails are more likely to be cruft from the build system.

    A lot of people here are looking for ways to allow recipients to ignore certain emails – what I'm looking for is a way to allow the administrator to set a user or role (etc) so that the acting user is used to determine if the notification should be suppressed.

    03 May 2012
    1. User avatar

      Netcitadel OnDemand Admin

      We're also interested in solution to this problem. We integrated JIRA with Jenkins so now issues get tons of comments added from commit-bot that we don't want to be emailed out (but do want them as comments).


      26 Feb 2013
  21. User avatar


    I've found that in our Jira Installation, the  "default notification scheme" isn't set by default with a new project, you have to set it after creating the project... this is quite inconvenient as projects by default have no notifications at all... is it possible to have a notification scheme available by default for every project?


    10 May 2012
  22. User avatar



    I hope someone is able to help me.

    Is there a way for an user who belongs to a specific group to NOT receive notifications to a specif event? Let's say that the group 'Management' is associated with the Event 'Issue Created' for the Project X. User John Smith, who belongs to that group doesn't want to get those notifications, but everyone else in that group are fine with it. The problem is that the group is also associated with some Events on Project Y and those notifications he wants to see.


    I hope you guys can understand that.

    Let me know.

    Thank you.

    05 Jun 2012
  23. User avatar


    As the product owner, I'd like a notification when new issues (cards) are created by other users; but I don't want to be notified when I create the issue myself.  Is this a possibility?  And if so, how?

    22 Jun 2012
    1. User avatar


      Hi! You can turn off notifications from being sent to you when you yourself make the change...  Click on your name – go to your profile – edit preferences – and then uncheck the “Email me when I make changes” button…

      Hope that helps!

      17 Jul 2012
  24. User avatar


    I'm looking to create a CC list by Component (similar to what we had in Bugzilla).  Any suggestions on best way to configure? Thanks

    29 Jun 2012
    1. User avatar


      Me too. I have several components and a different set of users wants to be notified only about specific components in my JIRA project.

      12 Sep 2013
  25. User avatar



    I was wondering if it was possible to set-up JIRA notifications to always be turned on, meaning when I create a project and assign it to someone I get emails "X has start working on Y" without going into admin > "project" > notifications etc.


    03 Jul 2012
  26. User avatar



    Does anyone know if it is possible to set up a notification that is sent to a group based on location?

    Scenario: We have a custom field set up labelled Region.  When an issue is updated we want a notification to be sent to Group A if Region A has been selected in the issue, Group B if Region B was selected in the issue, Group C if Region C was selected in the issue and so on.

    Is it possible to achieve this?

    If not, when creating an issue is it possible to add a user as a watcher automatically if Region A was selected, a different user if Region B was selected and so on?  This would achieve the same result for what we are trying to achieve.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    09 Aug 2012
  27. User avatar


    I do not see the 'Actions' menu shown in the 'Associating a notification scheme with a project.'

    I am trying to setup email notification so that the relevant stakeholders (report, assignee, watchers) receive an email when any updates are made to the ticket. I went to Administration > Issues > Misc Schemes > Notification Schemes > and then clicked on Notifications for Default Notification Scheme.

    After this point I am lost as to what the next steps are to activate email notification. The steps listed on this wiki page are also out of step with what I see when navigating the pages which adds to the confusion.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    P. S. I am using JIRA OnDemand.


    22 Aug 2012
  28. User avatar


    Is it possible to configure the content of the notification sent to the users ?

    My users would like for example to see the issue state already in the notification.

    27 Aug 2012
  29. User avatar


    I'm a user of OnDemand, trying to set up email notifications.
    I'm using the default mailserver jira@<projectname>.atlassian.net
    I've created my own custom Notification Scheme.
    Then I go to Project and associate the project to the notification scheme.
    Then to test I create an issue and assign it to myself.
    Despite the custom notification set to email me as either the reporter or assignee, I get to email notifications.
    What am I missing?

    13 Sep 2012
  30. User avatar


    As a user, I wish Jira's notification internal system would work like Facebook notifications. Meaning that, having a tiny icon on the tab above the dashboard that would notifies you whenever you receive a notification, instead on only depending on your own mailing system. It would be so much more agile, handy, helpful and fancy!

    14 Sep 2012
  31. User avatar


    Aaaargh!  This is such a generic solution it hurts!


    JIRA - you can do better!  Atlassian - you can do better!


    So here's what I'm after, in a nutshell: when a bug is created, send an email to the development team.  A perfect solution would also only do this conditional on the value of a custom field "Assigned Team" having the value of the development team.


    And in the as-is JIRA notification scheme system that walks the hallways today (breathing fire and fetid fumes)...

    ... here are the steps that it would take, some easy, some incredibly painful....

    1. Verify which notification scheme is being used ... if it's the same as anyone else in the organisation is using I'll need to clone it before editing it so that my specific little need doesn't clobber everyone else's.
    2. Verify which event is being fired ... if I want to isolate an event like "a bug is created" I need to first isolate that issue type and give it its own workflow
    3. So now we enter the marvel that is the land of workflows ... the UI is awesome but you can't change a workflow on an active project ... i.e. any project that has even one issue created in it ... i.e. every project except the one you created two seconds ago
    4. Ok, now I've got my issue type, my event, my workflow, and my notification scheme all lined up ... what was I trying to do again?
    5. Oh yes, when the issue type moves through the Create Event workflow I want to fire off in a post-actions another event "Bug Created"
    6. When the Bug Created event is fired I want to fire off a notification to the developer group
    7. The condition about the custom field ... dunno

    Total effort: approx. 3 hours


    Will it work?  Ahhh... now therein lies the rub.


    Atlassian, I know you keep a very long feature wishlist, I'm not saying this has to get the top of it, but if by an odd roll of the prioritisation-Gods dice this rant were to find it's way near the top, here is the goodness they would be able to use to create a  better life for all:


    1. A notification that is not workflow dependent .. yes the one that exists is awesome in its awesomeness, but I just want a simple thing
    2. A notification that is not a scheme
    3. A notification that can be built up and torn down in minutes, not hours
    4. A notification that tests conditions based on the JQL that we know and love ... On Create Event AND "project=abc and issuetype=bug and assignedteam=scrumteam1", recipient list = selected user / group

    It's not 4-steps, it's 4-pleasurements.


    In the meantime, wish me luck .... here goes a total balls up waiting to happen as I tear through the innards of our JIRA workflow system (current active users = 150)... where are those pesky Gods when you need them!




    30 Oct 2012
  32. User avatar


    I would like to automatically add a comment into a ticket that reflects any assignment changes.  Is this possible?  Also, I'd like to automatically add text as a comment into any newly created ticket, is that possible?  Thanks in advance for any help here..

    07 Nov 2012
  33. User avatar

    Andres de Lucca

    Is it possible to notify people assigned to/watching Linked issues?

    I can't find that option in the notifications section.


    16 Nov 2012
  34. User avatar



    Hello does anyone know if it is possible to stop secure comments being emailed through notifications?

    The scenario I have is that I have a security group set up called "JIRA Internal" so that when comments are marked visible only to this group they are not shared with our clients.

    The problem I have is that if the client is a watcher on the issue they receive a notification when the JIRA is updated that a comment has been added and it is showing the "JIRA Internal" comment in this notification.

    Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas how I can resolve it?


    06 Dec 2012
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      I believe the underlying notification code checks the permission for each user to view an issue before it mails out issue details. Is your watcher a member of your JIRA Internal group? Or is a role you're using?

      06 Dec 2012
  35. User avatar


    Hi Matt


    Thanks for the respose - no the watcher is not a member of the JIRA internal group however they are a member of a group that is able to view and browse the issues.

    06 Dec 2012
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      That's why the emails get sent then - the user has permission to view the issue. BTW, roles are easier to manage long-term than groups in comment visibility config. And Roles have been the default setting in General Configuration since 4.4 I think

      06 Dec 2012
      1. User avatar

        Miroslav Hornik

        Hello, I have a similar problem...isn't this a little bit conflict between the permission scheme and the comment visibility? What is the strategy - I would assume the sets are intersected, not united...from what you wrote I understand the latter is the case which I think is wrong because it would mean that all hidden comments that customer is not supposed to see are e-mailed to him because he reported the issue...I know I could test it and see...just that this potentially sensitive aspect is not mentioned in the official documentation anywhere (couldn't find it).


        27 Nov 2014
  36. User avatar


    OK thank you - I will look into this.


    06 Dec 2012
  37. User avatar


    is it possible to make email notifications to be sent out without any comments for Confidential JIRAs?

    Say I have a JIRA where reporter is asking for a password reset. I change the security level to confidential (no one else can see the content of the JIIRA). then I add new password by commenting on the JIRA and instead of emailing in plain text the comment incl new password I would like the reporter to receive a notification. That way this person can https into JIRA system and securely acquire the newly generated password.


    07 Dec 2012
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

      Sounds like a custom email template to me. Check for the security level in Velocity and don't add the content if it's sensitive. A bit fiddly to get right and a manual merge of files during an upgrade, but doable. You could also put the sensitive data in a custom field that isn't sent in email anyway.

      07 Dec 2012
  38. User avatar


    After one of the changes to Email Notification Scheme,  Comments text disappeared from the Issue Commented Email Notification.  The email body is empty,  while before it used to show the actual comment.  Any suggestions how to fix it?

    14 Dec 2012
  39. User avatar

    Kgomotso Lekubu

    Hi there

    i think these question was asked previously but i haven't seen any response

    i would like to automatically add a comment into a ticket that reflect that a call was logged

    any assistance is greatly appreciated


    29 Jan 2013
  40. User avatar


    I want to add a notifications each time the transisiotn is changed so that I know it was moved within my custom workflow?  How can this be done? Thanks.

    31 Jan 2013
  41. User avatar


    Hello everyone!


    Do you know if it's possible to get an email notifications if issues have been open for certain amount of days?

    Kind regards

    20 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar


      Create a filter to find open issues that were last updated N days ago. Save the filter and create a subscription on it to send email

      20 Feb 2013
  42. User avatar

    Artem Borovlev

    I customized creation issues from e-mails.

    I know sender's e-mail, but ste sender don't have any account in my JIRA (it is not necessary for me).  

    Is it possible to send notification to his e-mail?



    27 Feb 2013
  43. User avatar


    hello ,

     I am trying to setup notification for Qa .. to recive emails if anyone from QA group open ticket or get assinged a ticket, the whole group get notified.

    29 Apr 2013
  44. User avatar

    Ramachandru Marem



    I want to notify the assignee if there is no update on particular ticket for 15 minutes.

    12 Jun 2013
  45. User avatar

    Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)

    Best approach for that is to use the Vertygo SLA plugin which lets you define a timer field based on time from issue creation to adding comment, for example. Then create a filter that looks for issues about to break that SLA and email people. 

    12 Jun 2013
    1. User avatar


      Thanks a ton Matt Doar...

      14 Jun 2013
  46. User avatar

    Stephane Leduc

    If I would like to send an email reminder automatically to an assignee 24 hours before the due date if the issue is at "open", how can I achieve that?

    26 Jul 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      Write a JQL query to find such issues. Save it then add a subscription for yourself. Sending it to the assignee (aka "nag mail") is harder but could be done with an external script. I'd recommend instead providing a dashboard showing the relevant issues sorted by Due Date and teach the team to check the dashboard. Pull not push communication.

      26 Jul 2013
  47. User avatar

    Jan Oehlert


    Is there a way to implement an "AND-condition" for a notification? I want user to be notified of a certain event when they are in the project role "user" AND in the group "xyz". It seems that JIRA takes multiple conditions as OR-conditions and would send a notification when the user is either in the role "user" or in the group "xyz".

    Thanks for advices.



    11 Sep 2013
  48. User avatar


    how can I a notification email on creation of project to admin user. ?




    18 Sep 2013
  49. User avatar

    Aman Saini


    Can anyone help me with this query?

    I want to create email reminder for the users. They should be notified for the time sheets to be completed on a  specified time via email.

    Is it possible ?



    26 Nov 2013
  50. User avatar

    Takayuki Hirota [Ricksoft]

    JIRA does not have a specific notification event for the deletion of issue comments. When an issue's comment is deleted, JIRA sends out an email notification as an 'Issue Updated' event.

    Is this correct? I found "Issue Comment Deleted(System)" on JIRA 6.1.5.

    08 Jan 2014
    1. User avatar

      Matt Doar [ServiceRocket]

      That event type exists in EventType.java in JIRA 6.0 but then looking in AbstractIssueEventListener I see code that looks like is still treated as an Issue Update, and the matching template in email-template-id-mappings.xml  is the same as the Issue Updated template


      • The default behaviour for this method calls
        Unknown macro: {@link #issueUpdated(IssueEvent event)}
      • This preserves the behaviour of JIRA prior to v5.2
      • @since v5.2
        public void issueCommentDeleted(final IssueEvent event)
        Unknown macro: { issueUpdated(event); }
      08 Jan 2014
  51. User avatar

    Normann P. Nielsen

    Notice, there is a twist to "Creating a Notification Scheme" regarding comments comming in via mail:

    If the mail has any attachments (also signature attachments) - an "Issue Updated" is fired, rather than a "Issue Commented", wich is really stange - but this must be because the attachment is regarded as "An issue has had its details changed. ". But as no "Issue Commented" fired, remember to use "Issue Updated"  also to notify on incomming mails, as You will never know wheather incomming mails has attachements.


    This has been "discussed" with Atlassian in JSP-157346 - as I do think "Issue Commented" should be fired (as well)

    16 Feb 2014
  52. User avatar

    Valeriy Khisaev


    Is there a way for JIRA to wait for a certain amount of time before sending the notification so it will consolidate changes together? The aim is to reduce the number of e-mails people receive when a story/task is created. When I change let say Summary and Description JIRA sends two emails instead of one.

    14 Nov 2014
    1. User avatar

      Tim Eddelbuettel

      JRA-1369 - Reduce JIRA email chatiness Open

      14 Nov 2014
    1. User avatar

      Steven Behnke [BlackPearl PDM]

      I always throw out a shout-out to the Plugin People as they have an add-on for that. It's really almost too good to be true:

      • Condense email notifications into a series of digested items
      • Inline image support for issuetypes, priorities, avatars and optionally images rendered via wiki markup in issues (e.g. via JEMH).
      • Attachment support, optionally include any attachments in the email
      • Users have control to opt-out of digesting, or to enable/disable through custom JQL expressions managed through their Profile


      07 Dec 2014
  53. User avatar

    Valeriy Khisaev

    thanks a lot!

    08 Dec 2014
  54. User avatar

    Carlo Colelli


     I want to notify the assignee if there is no update on particular ticket for 4 hours.

    01 Apr 2015
  55. User avatar

    Normann P. Nielsen

    Hi Carlo - You can use the technique from Jelly Escalation - its pretty general:

    1. Create a suitable filter for alle issues to process
    2. Create a jelly script to loop through all and perform some jelly stuff.

    Also - such questions are answered on https://answers.atlassian.com/ - thats the best user-2-user support site.


    01 Apr 2015
  56. User avatar

    rikkin patel

    How to setup email notification if a ticket is converted to/from a subtask?

    25 Aug 2015
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