JIRA is now available as three separate applications, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. For more information on administering these applications, refer to the Administering JIRA Applications documentation.

Customizing the Look and Feel

This page tells you how to customize your JIRA installation to match your company's environment. One of the easiest things you can do to get started is to update your JIRA color scheme to match your company's logo (shown below).

  • Upload from File – click Browse to search for and upload a new image for the logo.
  • Upload from URL – use one of the following conventions:
    • A URL beginning with 'http://' or 'https://' is treated by JIRA as an absolute URL/path.
    • A URL beginning with a forward slash '/' is treated as a path relative to the <jira-application-dir> subdirectory of your JIRA Installation Directory.

(tick) Tip: If you use a JIRA WAR distribution, it is recommended that you add your logo images to the edit-webapp subdirectory of your JIRA Installation Directory prior to building your WAR distribution file. For details on building JIRA WAR distributions, refer to the application server-specific documentation in the Installing JIRA WAR section. 

If the JIRA logo does not appear after changing it to a custom one, ensure that the URL specified uses the correct case as this may be case-sensitive.

If you don't like the change, simply click Undo.

Look and feel configuration

You can easily customize JIRA's look and feel to suit your needs:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose > System. Select User Interface > Look and Feel.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing look and feel
  3. The Look and Feel configuration page will be displayed as follows:
    Screenshot: Look and Feel Configuration

    Logo, Site Title and Favicon

    Colours and Gadget Colours

    Day/Time Formats

    Refresh Client Resources

  4. To edit the logo, see the next section on Logo and Favicon.
  5. To edit the colors, click on the individual colors and edit them directly. For more information, see the section below on Editing colors.

Logo and Favicon

The logo appears in the top left corner of every JIRA page while the favicon appears typically to the left of your browser's URL field and on browser tabs displaying a page on your JIRA site. You can easily replace the default JIRA logo and/or favicon with an image of your choice.



Preview (Logo)

A preview of your JIRA site's current logo is shown here.

Favicon Preview (Favicon)

A preview of your JIRA site's current favicon is shown here.


The following options control the appearance of the entire JIRA user interface.

Editing colors

To edit the colors, click on the individual colors and follow this procedure.

  1. Click on the color box for an element.
  2. This opens up the color display where you can create customized colors or enter specific color values:
  3. To save your changes, click Update.
  4. If you are unhappy with a color change, click the Revert button that displays in the row where you've made the change:

Usage Notes

  • The colors you specify for each of the following options can be anything that is valid for both a font tag, and a stylesheet's 'color:' attribute.
  • When specifying a color, you can use the pop-up color chooser, or specify your own (eg. '#FFFFFF', 'red').
  • To return to the original color scheme, just clear any values that you have set.

Gadget colors

These seven colors are the seven options from which users can select when changing the color of a gadget's frame on their JIRA dashboard. color 1 is the default frame color for newly-added gadgets.

(info) Please note:

  • The colors you specify for each of the eight options can be anything that is valid for both a font tag, and a stylesheet's 'color:' attribute.
  • When specifying a color, you can use the pop-up color chooser, or specify your own (eg. '#FFFFFF', 'red').
  • To return to the original color scheme, just clear any values that you have set.

Date/Time Formats

The Look and Feel page allows you to customize the way times and dates are presented to users throughout the JIRA user interface.

When specifying dates and times, they should be based on the Java SimpleDateFormat.

When you are not in edit mode on the 'Look and Feel' page, the examples in the rightmost column of the Date/Time Formats section show you how the various formats will appear in JIRA.

Relative time is used in date/time formats

Issue date/time fields show a relative instead of absolute date/time format (for example: "Yesterday" instead of "20 May 2013 12:00 PM"). You can still see the absolute date/time by hovering over the field.

(info) The date/time format reverts to absolute after a week.

If you want to switch off this format, set the jira.lf.date.relativize application property to 'false'. See Advanced JIRA Configuration and Disable relative dates in JIRA applications for more information.

Configuring date picker formats

JIRA system administrators can configure the format of date pickers used throughout the JIRA user interface via options on the Advanced Settings page.

(info) Be aware that these options are different from the Date/Time Formats configuration options on the Look and Feel page, which only customize JIRA's presentation of times and dates to users.

(warning) The date or date/time formats for date pickers are defined by a pair of properties (one for Java and the other for JavaScript). The two properties in this Java/JavaScript pair must match in order for the date (or date/time) picker they define to function correctly.

Here are some example US-based date configurations:

Preferred Date

Value of the jira.date.picker.java.format property

Value of the jira.date.picker.javascript.format property

2010-10-01 yyyy-MM-dd %Y-%m-%d ISO 8601 format









Oct 1, 2010

MMM d, yyyy

%b %e, %Y






Here are some examples of date/time configurations:

Preferred Date/Time

Value of the jira.date.time.picker.java.format property

Value of the jira.date.time.picker.javascript.format property

2010-10-15 08:50 yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm %Y-%m-%d %H:%M ISO 8601 format

15/Oct/10 8:50 AM

dd/MMM/yy h:mm a

%d/%b/%y %l:%M %p


10/15/10 08:50 AM

MM/dd/yy hh:mm a

%m/%d/%y %I:%M %p


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34 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    Could you add an example settings for 24-hour clock please. This is extremely commonly used and very annoying to have to find out yourself.

    28 Feb 2012
    1. User avatar

      Raffael Gottardi

      What exactly are you looking for? Do you just want to display the time as e.g. "03:47"?

      That would be done by this in Java SimpleDateFormat (assuming you want the hours:

      Java SimpleDateFormat
      HH:mm (for hours 0-23)
      kk:mm (for hours 1-24)

      And for Unix date format it should be as follows:

      Unix date format
      H%:M% or, alternatively, just %R (for hours 0-23)

      As far as I know, there's no equivalent for "kk:mm" in Unix date format.


      I hope I got your question right. Just tell me if that's not the case just let me know and give me an example of what you'd want.

      29 Feb 2012
      1. User avatar


        I'm not the original poster, but still, thanks for your input, I currently use

        jira.date.time.picker.java.format = dd.MM.yy HH:mm

        jira.date.time.picker.javascript.format = %e.%b.%y %H:%M

        seems to be working fine.

        17 Apr 2012
      1. User avatar


        To add timezone as well to the display like GMT or EST , etc    is there any format  ?

        14 Nov 2012
        1. User avatar


          i found it .. need to add  'z'  for it.


          without  timezone it is    :  Time Format  =  h:mm a   = 2:32 PM

          with timezone  it would be  :  Time Format  =  h:mm a z   =  2:32 PM EST




          14 Nov 2012
          1. User avatar


            Can any one give me the jira.data.time.picker.javascript.format value for yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm a z?

            I tried %y-%m-%e %l:%M %p %z but it didn't work for me. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


            Thanks and Regards


            19 Feb 2013
  2. User avatar


    Anyone know if it's possible to configure date entry to use a default year, if year not explicitly entered?

    I'd like our users to be able to enter 5/23 and have it mean "05/23/2012".

    15 May 2012
  3. User avatar

    Dave Gööck

    We have a problem with the issue colors in JIRA / GreenHopper. The card colors are configurable very easy in GreenHopper per project but i did not find an option to configure the issue colors outside GreenHopper in JIRA. The problem is, that the Rapid Board seems using global system colors while the other agile views are using the GreenHopper card colors and they don't match. If someone has an idea how i could change this without writing a chrome extension to fix this externally, i'd be really happy about this. (smile) - Maybe there is no option, than i'd like to know where wo place a feature request best. (smile)

    10 Jul 2012
  4. User avatar


    How do you customize look and feel per project. I want to change the layout of the fields independent of the project. How can we override the JIRA CSS per project. I have field names so long that it wraps in first column and look bizarre. 

    I have 10 radio button with 4 options in each and how do i change the display so that they are displayed horizontally instead of vertical radio buttons. 

    23 Jul 2012
    1. User avatar


      +1. I have the same issue, I'd like to find a way to have radio buttons displayed horizontally.

      03 Jul 2013
  5. User avatar


    how can i add scroll bars to my gadgets

    24 Aug 2012
  6. User avatar

    C. Faysal

    is there a way to make the header look like someting they used in ecosystem.atlassian.net ?

    17 Oct 2012
    1. User avatar


      Hmm... That explains why my upgrade to JIRA v5.2 looks the same as it did before in v5.1, but is completely different to the screenshots and videos on the release notes.  I though the upgrade would let it to look like ecosystem.atlassian.net but obviously not!


      13 Nov 2012
      1. User avatar


        Oh and please release it as a theme if you can.  It looks really nice and would be great if we could use it.  (big grin)


        13 Nov 2012
    1. User avatar

      Max Seelemann

      Yes, I want this look as well. Or is there a hidden option I don't see?

      22 Nov 2012
      1. User avatar

        Andrew Lui [Atlassian Technical Writer]

        Hi all,

        Thanks for showing interest in the new design for the product header (as seen on ecosystem.atlassian.net). At this time, the new header has only been released to our OnDemand customers (as part of our October 2012 Release). The new header is not yet available in the Download product, but stay tuned. We'll be sure to let you know when it arrives.

        Apologies for any confusion caused.

        Kind Regards,

        22 Nov 2012
  7. User avatar


    Too bad you can't do this again in Confluence.  Broken on October upgrade.

    16 Nov 2012
  8. User avatar


    Yes, how do we change this color?

    26 Nov 2012
  9. User avatar

    Jijo John

    What is the exact pixel dimensions of JIRA logo?

    09 Jan 2013
  10. User avatar

    Joey McDaniel

    I've been trying to change the blue background that appears on all drop downs for far longer than I would like to admit.  Can someone please point me towards the file that controls this color?  Please and thanks.

    15 Jan 2013
  11. User avatar

    Dylan Tullberg

    I upgraded from JIRA 4 to the latest version and still have the old, less streamlined header.  How can I apply the latest JIRA header look and feel and replace the old version?

    23 Apr 2013
      1. User avatar

        Dylan Tullberg

        Still no luck.  Even accessing dark feature via: jira/secure/adminSiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa 

        23 Apr 2013
  12. User avatar

    Dylan Tullberg

    Odd.  That seems like the best answer and one that works for most.  However, after refresh and service restart (setting still applied), it doesn't work.  

    23 Apr 2013
  13. User avatar


    Is it possible to cusomise look and feel per Project? We have two Projects on a single instance - one visible to our client and the other private. I would like the background on the one shared with the client to be light Red (to warn are users to be cautious with what they post), the background of the private would the be light Green (to remind users that it is the private version).


    16 May 2013
  14. User avatar

    Ryan Hammond

    I've been asked to create a unified header over all of our developer tools.  Some are Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence, Stash, Fisheye) and some are 3rd party tools.  I would like to implement this as a div+CSS block above the Atlassian content.  Picture the black bar that Google uses above its properties.

    I do not want to use the JIRA "banner" feature.  Is there a way to do this?  I am willing to do this by hand and to keep doing it for every new Atlassian version.  Thanks.

    24 Jul 2013
  15. User avatar


    Can we set a different logo for each language chosen in the user profile?

    06 Sep 2013
  16. User avatar

    Jens-Uwe Gaspar

    It would be awesome if the background color could be modified. I found no settings to change that. Right now the white background does fit nicely with the standard scheme, but if you work in the later afternoon or evening (and a lot of people do), the contrast is very tiring to your eyes. So either it would be good that you add an "evening" theme with less contrasting colors, or let the admins change a customized background color.



    21 Dec 2013
  17. User avatar

    Tim Hobbs

    I'd like to add my voice to the calls to change background colour.  White is very glaring and our particular colour scheme would work much better with a quiet grey shade and cause less user fatigue as well.

    11 Apr 2014
  18. User avatar

    Elizabeth Anderson

    Yes is it possible at all the change the background colour from white - we have the same request at our office

    04 Jun 2014
  19. User avatar

    Warren Thompson

    Hi All,

    We do have an open ticket to look into adding the functionality to change the background colour  JRA-23596 - Provide ability to change colour from 'Look and feel ' Open  and we'll get to it when we can. Voting on issues helps get them looked at sooner!

    In the meantime, if you have any further requests or feature enhancements you'd like to see, feel free to raise these yourself on JIRA, and have a look at our New Features Policy page.



    05 Jun 2014
  20. User avatar

    Johannes Ørskov


    Is it possible to change the color of an issue when it is selected (clicked on) in plan-mode? Right now the color of a selected issue is very very close to the color of a non-selected issue, which makes it very hard to find the issue you have selected.

    I can't find this option in the "Look and feel"-menu, but maybe I just haven't looked in the right places?

    Please see screenshot below, to see what I mean.


    05 Aug 2014
  21. User avatar

    Blake Stephens

    I have the same concern as Johannes. The current color is VERY hard to see, and there doesn't seem to be an option to change it.

    02 Jun 2015
  22. User avatar

    Eric Ruelas

    I would actually want to see a log on banner instead of displaying the announcement on all sites. Most government products usually have one and i was hoping to see it as an option or additional feature.

    17 Jun 2015
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