How to display custom field of the sub-task in the parent issue screen?

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JIRA 5.x

By adding the custom field id in the Administration > Advanced Settings page.

Steps to follow:

  1. Create a custom field through Administraiton --> Custom Fields
  2. In the Custom Fields page, click on the Gear button at the right of the custom field's row:
  3. Hover over Edit and at the bottom of the page you will see the custom field's id (e.g. id=10208)
  4. Go to Administration --> General Configuration --> Advanced (button at the bottom of the page) --> jira.table.cols.subtasks.
  5. Click on the right column where it says (by default) issuetype, status, assignee, progress and add customfield_10208
  6. Click on Update.

If you get no errors then you have probably done the trick. Navigate to an issue containing sub-tasks and you should see your custom field in the sub-task list (provided that the sub-task holds values in that field, of course).

Tested version

The above has been tested in JIRA 5.0.7, 5.2.4


JIRA 4.4.x

By editing the value of jira.table.cols.subtasks property in the jpm.xml file edit within the <detault-value> tags. For example, in this situation if you wanted due date to come up you would change it like this and restart JIRA:

            <name>JIRA subtasks table columns</name>
            <description>The columns to show when viewing sub-task issues in a table</description>
            <default-value>issuetype, status, assignee, progress, duedate</default-value>
Prior to JIRA 4.4

By editing the value of jira.table.cols.subtasks property in the could solve the problem. For example:

jira.table.cols.subtasks = priority, issuetype, status, resolution, versions, assignee, customfield_10000

A restart of JIRA needs to be performed after making the modification.

Last modified on Oct 17, 2014

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