Important Version-Specific Upgrade Notes

While the procedure for upgrading JIRA remains fairly consistent from one JIRA version to the next, each major release of JIRA (i.e. with an X.Y version number format) and some minor releases (i.e. with X.Y.Z version numbers), come with specific recommendations for upgrading from the previous version.

If you plan to skip a few JIRA versions for your next JIRA upgrade, then we strongly recommend reading all the upgrade notes/guides mentioned in the list below, between your current version and the version to which you are upgrading. These version-specific upgrade notes/guides contain important information that may be relevant to your current JIRA installation and the JIRA version you are upgrading to.

(tick) For example: If you plan to upgrade from JIRA 4.2 to JIRA 4.4.5, then read the upgrade notes/guides for JIRA 4.2, JIRA 4.3, JIRA 4.4, JIRA 4.4.1, JIRA 4.4.3 and JIRA 4.4.4.

(info) From JIRA 4.4, the names of these documents were changed to 'upgrade notes' (from 'upgrade guides') to avoid potential naming ambiguity with the general Upgrading JIRA guide and for consistency with other Atlassian products.

The following list of upgrade notes/guides contain important information you should be aware of for your JIRA upgrade:
(tick) Upgrade notes/guides for minor releases are indented.

You will find the upgrade notes attached to the release notes for the relevant version.


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Last modified on Aug 7, 2014

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