JIRA 3.10 Release Notes

Atlassian is proud to announce JIRA 3.10, the latest release of our award winning issue tracking, workflow and project management software. 

Major new features include:

This release also includes several bug fixes.

To see a list of all new features and improvements in this release — ask JIRA!

JIRA 3.10 is a free upgrade for any customer who purchased/renewed JIRA after the 9th of July, 2006. This release can be downloaded from the JIRA Download Center. Before upgrading, please refer to the JIRA 3.10 Upgrade Guide.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you to all the people who help us improve our products by 'voting' and providing ongoing feedback about what is important to you. JIRA 3.10 resolves nearly 360 of your votes.

In particular, our thanks to all those who voted for JRA-2411 (Ability to edit and remove work logs) and JRA-1959 (Allow date selection for work log). It gives us great satisfaction to deliver these features to you, and we hope you will find them useful (we know we will!)

Editable worklogs

Yes, worklogs can now be edited and deleted — with the issue's 'Time Spent' and 'Remaining Estimate' being adjusted appropriately in both cases.

To ensure that only appropriate people can edit/delete worklogs, four new permissions have been added:

  •  'Edit Own Worklogs'
  •  'Edit All Worklogs'
  •  'Delete Own Worklogs'
  •  'Delete All Worklogs'

Similarly, to ensure that email notifications only get sent to the appropriate recipients, there are two new events:

  • 'Issue Worklog Updated'
  • 'Issue Worklog Deleted'

The email notification for an edited worklog looks like this:

All Worklog functions (create, retrieve, update and delete) are also available via the SOAP interface.

'Start Date' for worklogs

When logging work on an issue, you can now specify a 'Start Date'. Simply click the calendar icon to select the date/time when you started work. The calendar popup will be displayed:
... where you can:

  • scroll back ('<') or forward ('>') to choose a different date. 
  • click the hour to increase it (or <Shift> click to decrease it).
  • click the minute to increase it (or <Shift> click to decrease it).
  • click 'am' / 'pm' to toggle between them.

New ways to browse Components and Versions

We're all familiar with browsing a project to see a list of 'Open Issues', 'Popular Issues', and various other screens showing you important statistics about your project.

Now you can drill-down to an individual component or version of a project, by browsing a:

You can give this a try right now on JIRA. Just click on a component or version you're interested in!

The information on the new Component and Version summary pages is displayed using the Component Tab Panel and Version Tab Panel plugins. See the plugin types in the JIRA Plugin Guide for more information.

Auto-complete 'User-picker' and 'Issue-picker'

The 'Issue-picker' and 'User-picker' now have an AJAX-based auto-completion feature:
You're now able to simply start typing a user's name, or an issue's key or summary, and JIRA will provide a drop-down list of possible matches for you to select from. This should make selecting users and issues a lot quicker as you no longer need to click on the 'User-picker' icon or the '[select issue]' link and wait for the relevant pop-ups. The 'Issue-picker' will find matches within your latest search, as well as any matching issues you've been browsing recently.

This feature is enabled by default (though not for the 'User-picker' if you have more than 5,000 users).

If you wish to disable this feature (e.g. if you have very large numbers of users, or if your users' browsers are incompatible with AJAX), you can easily do so at the 'General Configuration' screen.


Last modified on Aug 1, 2007

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