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Upgrading from JIRA 3.11 to 3.12

Please follow the JIRA general upgrade instructions, plus note the following:

  1. Everyone who had the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission before the upgrade will automatically receive the new 'JIRA System Administrators' global permission during the upgrade. This will ensure that everyone can still perform the same functions they could previously.
  2. The following new Seraph property can be used to fix JIRA 3.12 Upgrade Guide:
    <!--  If this parameter is set to true, the cookie will never be set secure.  This is useful if you're logging
                  into JIRA via https, but want to browse JIRA over http.  This flag will ensure that the remember me option
                  works correctly. -->
  3. Due to the Seraph upgrade, to fix JIRA 3.12 Upgrade Guide all users will be prompted to log in again. This will also affect users who have the 'Remember me' checkbox ticked.
  4. If you are building JIRA from source, please note that Maven2 is now required for a build. This is because the JIRA Fisheye Plugin requires Maven2.
  5. If you are using the JIRA Toolkit, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version in order to fix JIRA 3.12 Upgrade Guide
  6. Please note that the new Trusted Applications feature is not supported on Orion versions prior to 2.0.5. Also note that Resin2 has problems and you will need to update the Resin extra jars.
  7. There is a new database table. Please see the following page for details

Upgrading from JIRA 3.10.2 and earlier

In addition to the above, please read the Upgrade Guide for every version you are skipping during the upgrade. The complete list of Upgrade Guides is available here.

Using the Trusted Applications feature with Crowd

Please note that older versions of the Crowd client, (i.e. version 1.2.1 or earlier), can interfere with the correct operation of the Trusted Applications feature. If you are enabling Trusted Applications and using Crowd, please ensure that your Crowd client is version 1.2.2 or later.

Last modified on Dec 8, 2008

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