JIRA 3.2.1 Release Notes

JIRA 3.2.1 Release Notes

In the tradition of frequent and worthwhile updates, JIRA 3.2.1 is released today in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 50 bug fixes and improvements. It can be downloaded here. See the JIRA 3.2 Upgrade Guide before upgrading.

JIRA 3.2.1 includes over 50 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-6904 Upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.2 breaks time estimates Blocker Resolved
Bug JRA-6884 Description TEXTAREA on Edit Issue page doesn't escape HTML properly Blocker Resolved
Bug JRA-6821 getIssue returning data incompatible with MS .NET (complex objects ) Blocker Resolved
Bug JRA-6900 Issue navigator doesn't respect/remember new search order Critical Resolved
Bug JRA-6967 after clicking "update" from "Edit Project" page the returned page is messed up Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6940 Watch Issues and Voted Issues portlets only visible to assignable users Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6938 When editing Screen Scheme entry in the Standard edition error occurs Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6937 typo in workflow, "shceme" Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6936 description text does not match actual action Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6933 Statistic percentages improperly rounded Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6928 removing screens from the Field configuration opens default field configuration after saving Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6902 Assignee field is unordered Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6895 Applet missing certificate Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6893 IllegalStateException when deleting Field Configuration Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6870 Session timeout when migrating many issues Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6866 Errror emails are not forwarded when comments fail Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6865 Numeric Custom Fields with Floating Point values cause exception. Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6863 'Assignee Only Condition' fails if assignee is changed on transition screen. Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6862 Cannot comment on same page (viewIssue) in German Locale. Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6861 False german month abbreviations in calendar Major Resolved
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