JIRA 3.3 Release Notes

JIRA 3.3 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the latest release of the issue tracking and project management application - JIRA 3.3 - download it here. Only 10 weeks since the last release, JIRA 3.3 includes some of the most requested features along with a host of bug fixes and improvements.

Upgrade Information

In order to complete a successful upgrade, please refer to the following guides:

It is necessary to follow both guides if upgrading from a pre 3.2.x version. It is only necessary to follow the JIRA 3.3 Upgrade Guide when upgrading from a 3.2.x version.

Features and Improvements:


  1. New Features
  2. Improvements
  3. Bug Fixes

New Features

This release of JIRA includes some of the most requested features as logged at http://jira.atlassian.com - the full list can be viewed at JIRA 3.3 New Features & Improvements.

Multiple Project Filters

The Issue Navigator has been completely overhauled to pave the way for future extended search functionality and enhancements. Addressing one of the most popular feature requests (with over 50 votes), this release includes the ability to execute a search across multiple projects.

This feature increases the searching capabilities available to the user with the ability to aggregate a collection of issues from across multiple projects. Users can now design a search query that directly addresses their requirements for searching throughout JIRA.

The applications of this improved search capability are countless ... for example:

  • Retrieve all issues opened in the last week from selected projects - add these results to an RSS feed or view them on the JIRA dashboard
  • Add a statistics portlet to the JIRA dashboard with results from a multi-project filter
  • Subscribe to a multi-project filter containing issues assigned to your team members - with issues retrieved only from the projects you manage!multiplesearch.png|align=center,border=1!

Bulk Move

Extending the range of bulk operations available in JIRA, it is now possible to move multiple issues at once.

The Bulk Move operation allows a collection of issues (from multiple projects and consisting of multiple issue types) to be moved to another project and/or issue type. The ability to update multiple issues in this manner gives the user even more power - for instance, it is now possible to merge issues from multiple projects into one project.

User Custom Field as Notification Target

It is now possible to specify an additional notification target by selecting a user in a 'CC' custom field. This provides the issue creator/editor the ability to add another user to the notification recipient list for a specific issue. Many thanks to Chris Wood at MetOcean Engineers for his work on this feature!


This release of JIRA includes some significant improvements in available functionality and overall system performance.

Extended Search Capabilities

More precise search filters can be created by specifying a date range in relation to the system fields 'Created' and 'Updated' and the custom field 'Date Time'. A number range can also be specified for the 'Number' custom field. The ability to specify a range in this manner provides the user with a very fine-grained filter over a specific set of issues.

SOAP Enhancements

JIRA's SOAP capabilities are growing more complete with each release. For JIRA 3.3, you can now progress an issue through a workflow remotely; find out what actions are available for an issue, update the fields and progress through the workflow. It's now easier than ever to seamlessly integrate JIRA with external tools.

Extended XML-RPC Functionality

Bringing the XML-RPC functionality inline with the current SOAP plugin, it is now possible to update an issue & run a search request.

Performance Improvements

Continually striving to advance system efficiency, this release includes a number of notable performance improvements:

  • Issue Navigator performance has been improved with fewer database access calls - displaying filter results quicker
  • Workflow Activation is now less memory intensive - the operation completes without pulling all issues into memory to make the new workflow association
  • Version Management operations have been streamlined to complete quicker
  • The Link Issue pop-up displays quicker
  • The Permission Schemes and Notification Schemes management pages have been refined to return scheme information quicker
  • Date Range searches are executed more efficiently

New Translations

Along with updates to the Traditional Chinese and German translations, JIRA is now available to use in Italian and Slovakian. Once again, we would like to thank all those who have contributed to the translation process - JIRA is now available in 14 different languages.

JIRA Standalone

JIRA Standalone now ships with Tomcat 5.5 - allowing users to use JIRA out of the box with the latest version of the popular application server.

Previous Standalone Installations

Due to incompatibilities in the format of the server.xml file between versions of Tomcat - please do not copy the server.xml file from previous standalone installations to the new standalone installation.

Bug Fixes

This release includes over 90 bug fixes - the best way to see them is them is to ask JIRA - Issues Resolved for JIRA 3.3.

Last modified on Oct 24, 2005

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