JIRA 3.3 Upgrade Guide

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JIRA 3.3 Upgrade Guide

This page contains specific information you need to know when upgrading to JIRA 3.3 from JIRA 3.2.x. If upgrading from an older version of JIRA, please go to the complete list of Upgrade Guides, and read the notes for each version you are skipping during the upgrade.

When upgrading JIRA please follow the general upgrade instructions keeping in mind the information below.

Known incompatibilities

3.3.x is not a good release for IBM shops:

  1. JIRA 3.3.x may not work on Websphere 5.0.x and 5.1.x due to JRA-7699
  2. When using DB2, JIRA may hang when deleting projects or performing workflow operations. See the full problem description (and possible workaround) in the documentation

Websphere or DB2 users, please stick with 3.2.x or move on to 3.4.x or higher, where these problems have been resolved.

Notes on upgrading

  1. Due to web browser caches, changes to JIRA's Issue Navigator might appear corrupted or unstyled. Please refresh your browser's cache (press Shift+Reload on the Find Issue's page) for the changes to appear correctly.
  2. JIRA's issue cache size will be automatically set to 0 during the upgrade, as it is no longer needed due to performance improvements in JIRA (JRA-7166)
  3. If you have written any CustomFieldType or CustomFieldSearcher plugins please refer to this document
  4. Users with outgoing trackback pings enabled (not the default) may wish to disable this until JRA-7589 is fixed, to avoid the risk of the mail queue hanging.
  5. If you have bookmarks or deal with hard coded links to the issue navigator, you should read about the changed issue navigator parameters
  6. If you are using JIRA Standalone, please do not simply copy your old conf/server.xml file to the new installation of JIRA. Please read this document.
  7. If upgrading JIRA in an external Tomcat installation, be sure to delete the work/ temporary directory before restarting JIRA, to clear cached JSPs from the old JIRA.
Last modified on Jul 1, 2008

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