JIRA 3.5.2 Upgrade Guide

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JIRA 3.5.2 Upgrade Guide

This page contains specific information you need to know when upgrading to JIRA 3.5.2 from JIRA 3.5.1. If upgrading from an older version of JIRA, please read the Upgrade Guide for each version your are skipping during the upgrade. The complete list of Upgrade Guides is available here.
When upgrading JIRA please follow the general upgrade instructions keeping in mind the information below.

Issue Event Changelog Can Now Be Null

In JIRA 3.5.2, the IssueEvent object thrown as a result of an edit operation, may now return null from a getChangeLog() call. The case where this happens is when a user chooses to edit an issue but only leaves a comment and makes no other changes to the issue. Prior to 3.5.2 no event was fired in this case and this was identified as a bug (JRA-9415) and has since been fixed. Check any calls to getChangeLog() for null.

Last modified on Mar 7, 2006

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