JIRA 3.5 Release Notes

JIRA 3.5 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems, recipient of the Deloitte Fast 500 Award, is proud to announce the latest release of the issue tracking and project management application - JIRA 3.5 (download it here).

The latest release includes over 50 powerful new features and improvements along with over 50 bug fixes.

Upgrade Information

In order to complete a successful upgrade, please refer to our Upgrade Guides. If you are upgrading from JIRA 3.4.3 please refer to the JIRA 3.5 Upgrade Guide.

If you are upgrading from a pre-3.4.3 release, please refer to all JIRA 3.x Upgrade Guides.



New Features

JIRA 3.5 includes an impressive array of new features and improvements - some of which are noted below. To view the entire new feature and improvement list - ask JIRA!

Bulk Workflow Transition

JIRA 3.5 extends the bulk operation capabilities with the addition of Bulk Workflow Transition - allowing a selected collection of issues to be advanced through the associated workflow.

The Bulk Workflow Transition process is as simple as if transitioning one issue. Once the collection of issues is retrieved through the issue navigator, it is possible to progress the issues through the associated workflow. The associated screen for the transition is displayed to the user - allowing all related fields to be edited as normal. All edits (including comments) are applied to each issue and each issue is advanced to the associated workflow status. All field configurations, workflow conditions, validators and post functions are respected throughout the process.


FogBugz Importer

Users of the FogBugz issue tracking system can now easily import their FogBugz data into JIRA through the new configurable import wizard. The import wizard allows the user specify which projects, custom fields and issue links are to be imported.


Charting Plugin

The ability to visually represent JIRA data in a graphical form is a key requirement for many JIRA users. With the Charting Plugin, users can translate their data into graphs and charts.

Allowing for more meaningful presentations with greater impact, graphs and charts are more easily absorbed than plain numerical data. Over time, users can also plot trend graphs - with the prospect of extrapolating and interpreting the graphical data to predict future trends and workloads.

The plugin can be downloaded here.


MS Word Export

It is now easier to create Word document presentations, with the ability to export JIRA data to Microsoft Office Word format. It is possible to export an individual issue or the 'Full Content View' of any search to a Word document.


JIRA Page Linker Plugin

Providing further integration between JIRA and Confluence, the JIRA Page Linker Plugin provides a custom field plugin for linking a JIRA issue with a Confluence URL.

While you are creating or editing a JIRA issue, you can bring up a popup window that will allow you to quickly search a Confluence site for pages you would like to link to this issue. Clicking a link in the popup window will add the page to your new issue.

The JIRA Page Linker plugin can be downloaded here.


Component Lead Notification Type

JIRA 3.5 Enterprise introduces the notification type of Component Lead. With this option, notification schemes can be simplified through the specification of the Component Lead as a recipient of issue update emails. For each event specified in the scheme, the Component Lead will receive an email update - ensuring that the correct users are alerted.



Bulk Assignment of Users to Groups

Group management has been greatly simplified with the addition of Bulk Assignment of Users to Groups - allowing multiple users to be added or removed to a group at once.


Jelly Improvements

The Jelly tag RunSearchRequest now accepts a filter ID - the ID of the filter to be executed. This tag allows one to execute any saved Search Request and then use its results in any JIRA Jelly script.

For instance, one could define a filter identifying all old/inactive issues, and write a Jelly script to move them to an 'Inactive' state (see the Jelly docs for examples). This Jelly script can be scheduled to run periodically with the Jelly service.

SOAP improvements

This release includes various SOAP improvements - including the ability to retrieve via SOAP:

  • a list of general configuration properties - i.e. determine if attachments, time tracking, voting, unassigned issues, sub-tasks, issue linking or watching is turned on/off
  • an issue by its ID
  • a match count for a search filter - useful to determine how results should be displayed - e.g. full or partial list of results

Configure CSV Delimiter

Some versions of MS Office Excel (e.g. German) save CSV files with separating values using ';' instead of ','. The CSV Import Wizard has been improved to allow the delimiter to be specified for a particular import file.

Mantis Custom Field Import

Mantis 0.18+ has a basic custom field implementation. The JIRA Mantis Importer can now import any defined custom fields.

Plugin System Improvements

The ability to create more powerful plugins is now possible through the following improvements:

  • Reference downloadable external resources. Additional static files such as images, Javascript or CSS can be served through Downloadable Plugin Resources. Further details available here.
  • The plugin configuration screen has been improved with the ability to include a checkbox parameter. Further details available here.
  • Servlet Plugin module enables users to deploy Java servlets as part of a plugin. Further details available here.

Maybe these improvements will be of use to the entrants of the Codegeist Competition? (smile)

Configure Email Address Format

Previously, it was necessary to stop JIRA and edit a properties file to modify the email address format. JIRA 3.5 now allows this modification to be made through the web interface - without the need to stop the server.


The Administration section of the JIRA User Interface is now fully internationalized. This makes it possible to translate and present the entire JIRA web interface in a particular language, once the appropriate set of language files are included.

Further details on the translation process and how to get involved are available here. The continued support of those users who volunteer their translation skills is greatly appreciated. (thumbs up)

Multi-Select Version Picker Custom Field

A new multi-select Version Picker Custom Field is now available - allowing this field to store multiple versions related to the associated project. It is also possible to use this field within a search through the Issue Navigator.

Delete Trackbacks

Trackback management has been improved to allow users delete specific trackbacks.

Configured Navigator Columns in Email Filter Subscription

In JIRA Enterprise edition, it is possible to configure which issue fields are displayed to the user for each saved filter. Previously, this configuration was only used throughout the web interface. JIRA 3.5 Enterprise now respects the chosen fields when sending e-mail notifications to subscribers of a filter.

On import, original Bugzilla text links will be linked to the new JIRA issues. This improvement helps ease the migration to JIRA for users who still use the Bugzilla bug IDs.

Bug Fixes

This release includes over 50 bug fixes. To view the entire bug fix list - ask JIRA!

Last modified on Jul 1, 2008

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