JIRA 3.9.3 Release Notes

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JIRA 3.9.3 Release Notes

Atlassian Software Systems is proud to announce the release of JIRA 3.9.3 in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes:

JIRA 3.9.3 can be downloaded here, and is of course free to all customers who purchased their JIRA licence or maintenance since June 28, 2006.

If upgrading, please refer to the JIRA 3.9.3 Upgrade Guide.

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What's new in JIRA 3.9.3?

JIRA 3.9.3 includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

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Professional French and German translations

The French and German language packs have been completely rewritten and are much more comprehensive than ever before. The administration sections of JIRA are now completely translated. To achieve this, we recently engaged a professional translation company to provide German and French versions of JIRA. These translations are now available in JIRA 3.9.3, and we hope they will make your experience with JIRA even better.

Thank you, danke and merci to all those people who have provided the previous translations over the years, and also to those who have recently been helping us to check the translations for style, consistency and correctness.

While we hope you enjoy the new more comprehensive translations, if the language changes are not ideal for you it is possible to use JIRA 3.9.3 with the old translations. Administrators can revert to the translations from JIRA 3.9.2 and earlier, simply by replacing the new language pack jar file with the corresponding jar file from the earlier version. The French jar file is language_fr_FR.jar and the German one is language_de_DE.jar, located in atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib in JIRA standalone.

Last modified on Aug 20, 2012

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