JIRA is now available as three separate applications, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. For more information on administering these applications, refer to the Administering JIRA Applications documentation.

JIRA 4.2.3 Upgrade Guide

Upgrading from JIRA 4.2.x to 4.2.3

Please follow the JIRA general upgrade instructions, plus note the following:

Changes to filenames

When you download JIRA, please note that the filename now includes the build number, e.g. "b588" in the filename "atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.2.1-b588-windows-installer.exe". This has no effect on the JIRA directory structure or on the upgrade process.

Please note that the inclusion of the build number has also been applied to the name of JIRA artifacts deployed to Maven and to the versions specified in the JIRA POMs.

Changes to the "JIRA Users" Global Permission

Please note that it is no longer possible for groups that have the "JIRA System Administrators" global permission to be also granted the "JIRA Users" global permission (see Managing Global Permissions). This is because newly-created users are automatically added to groups that have the "JIRA Users" permission, and it is not good security practice to automatically grant the "JIRA System Administrators" global permission to new users.

Upgrading from JIRA 4.1.x and earlier

In addition to the above, please read the JIRA 4.2 Upgrade Guide and the Upgrade Guide for every version you are skipping during the upgrade. The complete list of Upgrade Guides is available here.

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    Dyego Souza do Carmo

    The upgrade in current release branch (4.2.2 to 4.2.3) is a BIG task...

    In future version the atlassian can improve it !!!

    Like Firefox , Like Chrome... Like Confluence Plugins ...

    ohhh... and the plugin system of JIRA is terible... please, the JIRA team have to see the Confluence Plugin Center... this is very smart and powerfull...

    Reboot to install a simple plugin ? ohhh nooo....

    03 Feb 2011
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