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JIRA 4.4.3 fixes a critical issue in JIRA 4.4.2 (JRA-25914 which may cause data corruption in a high-load environment).

If you upgraded to JIRA 4.4.2, please upgrade to JIRA 4.4.3 as soon as possible. JIRA 4.4.3 includes an upgrade task that will fix any data corruption resulting from JRA-25914. See the JIRA 4.4.3 Upgrade Notes for more information.

19 October 2011

The Atlassian JIRA team announces the release of JIRA 4.4.3. This point release contains new features that give users more JQL enhancements to filter issues based on system fields that possessed a specified value at some point in the past, in addition to several updates and fixes.



Features and improvements in JIRA 4.4.3:

Thank you for your feedback:

More than three new features/improvements implemented
Over 420 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are much appreciated.

JIRA 4.4.3 is of course free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.


Upgrading from a Previous Version of JIRA

If you are upgrading, please read the JIRA 4.4.3 Upgrade Notes

More Enhancements to JQL — New "CHANGED" Operator and "WAS" Improvements

Enhancements were introduced in JIRA 4.4.0 that allowed you to search the history of an issue's Assignee and Reporter fields.

In JIRA 4.4.3, JQL supports the new "CHANGED" operator, which can accept the optional predicates "FROM", "TO", "ON", "DURING", "BEFORE", "AFTER" and "BY".

For example, the following JQL query:

status changed FROM "In QA Review" to "QA Rejected" BY freddo BEFORE endOfWeek() AFTER startOfWeek()

Will find any issues whose Status field value was at some point "In QA Review" but changed to "QA Rejected", by user 'freddo', and after the start and before the end of the current week.

You can use complex queries such as these to generate the following 'Single Level Group By Report', which in the example below, shows grouping by 'Team'.

The "CHANGED" operator can be used on the Status, Assignee, Priority, Reporter, Resolution and Fix Version fields.

The "WAS" operator can be used on the Fix Version field too. For example, the following JQL query:

fixVersion WAS 4.4

Will find any issues whose Fix Version field was at some point (or currently is) set to 4.4.

Other Improvements

  • Mixed-case LDAP usernames are now treated as the same user when conducting searches in JIRA (JRA-24558).
  • When a new user is added to JIRA, JIRA will only add that user to groups which explicitly have the 'JIRA Users' global permission. JIRA no longer adds new users to nested groups of a group that has the 'JIRA Users' global permission, unless those nested groups also explicitly have this permission (JRA-25554).
  • The Application Links Link Rendering plugin, which was broken when JIRA 4.4 was released, is now fixed and is compatible with all JIRA 4.4.x versions (JRA-25594).
  • GreenHopper 5.7.4 is now bundled with JIRA 4.4.3.

Don't have JIRA 4.4 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the JIRA 4.4 Release Notes and see what other features you are missing out on!

Updates and Fixes in this Release

JIRA 4.4.3 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

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