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JIRA 5.0.1 Release Notes

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Upgrading from JIRA 5.0 to 5.0.1

Please follow the instructions in the general upgrading JIRA documentation.

Potential issues with plugins that reference Guava (formerly Google Collections) versions

In JIRA 5.0.1, the version of the JIRA's 3rd party Guava library was upgraded from r06 to Release 10.0.1, which is backwards compatible with r06. (See the Guava ReleaseHistory page for details).

Along with this upgrade, the Guava package version exported to OSGi changed from 6.0.0 to 10.0.1. If a plugin explicitly imports the Guava package with an upper-bound version constraint that excludes Guava version 10.0.1 and later, the plugin will not successfully load in an upgraded JIRA 5.0.1 installation.

For instance, an existing plugin may explicitly import the Guava package in their pom.xml with the following version constraint that excludes Guava 10.0 and later:


Such a plugin will not load successfully in JIRA 5.0.1.

Hence, we recommend that plugin developers avoid specifying an OSGi-upper-bound version constraint when explicitly importing the Guava/Google Collections package into their plugin. For example, simply specify an entry similar to the following in the maven-jira-plugin section of your pom.xml like this:


Upgrading from JIRA 4.4.x and earlier

In addition to the above, please read the JIRA 5.0 Upgrade Notes and as well as the Important Version-Specific Upgrade Notes for the versions of JIRA you are skipping.

Last modified on Mar 17, 2012

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