JIRA 5.0 EAP 2 Release Notes

10 August 2011

JIRA 5.0 EAP 2 (a.k.a 5.0 milestone 2 or 'm2') is a public development release leading up to JIRA 5.0. An Early Access Preview (EAP) release is a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on allowing JIRA users to see the new features in advance and provide us with some useful feedback. It also gives plugin developers an opportunity to test and fix their plugins in advance of an official release. For all production use and testing of JIRA, please use the latest official release.

(info) Please note that JIRA 5.0 EAP 1 was not released to the public.

While development work on JIRA 5.0 commenced relatively recently, we want your involvement from the earliest days. Please provide feedback here.

A lot of the features in JIRA 5.0 focus on making JIRA easier to use and manage. With JIRA 5.0, administrators can manage filters that were created by other people.

There are a large number of improvements for the JIRA developer community (and more to come in future EAPs). In JIRA 5.0 EAP 2, new REST APIs have been added to create issues, a stable JIRA API is being defined and every block area on the 'View Issue' page is now a Web Panel.

Highlights of JIRA 5.0 EAP 2:

Thank you for your interest in JIRA 5.0 EAP 2
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Upgrading to JIRA 5.0 EAP 2

JIRA EAP releases are available here. When upgrading, please follow the JIRA 5.0 Upgrade Notes.

Do not use in production

  • EAP releases are not safe — EAP releases are snapshots of the ongoing JIRA development process. As such:
    • While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release.
    • Features in development releases may be incomplete, or may change or be removed before the next full release.
  • No upgrade path — Because EAP releases represent work in progress, we can not provide a supported upgrade path between EAP releases, or from any EAP to the eventual final release. Thus, any data you store in a JIRA EAP release may not be able to be migrated to a future JIRA release.

Highlights of JIRA 5.0 EAP 2


Manage Other Users' Shared Filters

JIRA 5.0 will give administrators the ability to manage other people's shared filters. This is especially helpful in situations where a user has left an organisation, but the shared filters they owned continue to be used by others within the organisation.

As the first step toward this, EAP 2 provides the ability for JIRA administrators to search for any shared filters:



JIRA 5.0 API Improvements

For plugin developers, JIRA's API is undergoing a significant number of changes and improvements to provide the following:

  • More stability and reliability with future versions of JIRA.
  • A more functional REST API with the ability to create new issues in JIRA 5.0 EAP 2.
  • Removal of deprecated OSUser classes.
  • Removal of deprecated portlets (replaced by gadgets in JIRA 4.0) and their related APIs.

Please see the Plugin Developer Notes for JIRA 5.0 for more details.

(info) Please also be aware that JIRA's API is likely to undergo a rapid number of changes from one JIRA 5.0 EAP release to the next.



Performance Improvements

Lucene 3.2 is now fully integrated into JIRA. Initial benchmarking shows performance improvements across a number of JIRA features.


Other Enhancements and Fixes

For a list of more issues resolved in JIRA 5.0 so far, click here.


Last modified on Aug 11, 2011

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