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Upgrading to JIRA 5.1 from JIRA 5.0.x

Please follow the instructions in the general Upgrading JIRA guide, as well as the JIRA 5.0-specific instructions in the sections below. The general 'Upgrading JIRA' guide contains important tasks that are essential for getting your upgraded JIRA installation to work correctly and if necessary, migrating existing configurations.

Inline editing

Upon upgrading to JIRA 5.1, the inline edit feature will be enabled by default.

However, JIRA administrators can disable this feature by switching the Inline edit option to OFF through the General Configuration page.

Deactivated users

  1. Deactivate those users using the newer deactivate user feature in JIRA 5.1 and later.
  2. Re-add those users to the JIRA groups and roles to which they belonged before they were deactivated (i.e. before the upgrade).
    (info) This step should allow these users (once reactivated) to regain the same level of access to the JIRA projects they used before their account was deactivated.

(tick) If you need to deactivate these users again (or any others), using the newer deactivate user feature in JIRA 5.1 or later means that you will no longer need to remove these users from groups or project roles.

JIRA 3.x browser bookmarks

If you had created browser bookmarks in JIRA version 3.x and are still using those bookmarks, please be aware that for performance improvement reasons in JIRA 5.1, the automatic 'redirection' of some constituent components of these URLs to their equivalent URL components in JIRA 5.1 has been removed.

Hence, for some customers, some of these old bookmarks may break after upgrading to JIRA 5.1. Therefore, if you want to continue using these old bookmarks, you should edit their URLs for JIRA 5.1 compatibility before upgrading to JIRA 5.1.

To find out which of your old bookmarks require updating, refer to the following subsections and their tables:

Field names in issue navigator queries

If you had created a JIRA 3.x bookmark to an issue navigator query, whose URL contains an old field name on the left of the following table, change this field name (in the bookmark URL) to its respective new field name on the right of the table before upgrading JIRA.

Old field name (JIRA 3.x) New field name
resolutionIds resolution
statusIds status
priorityIds priority
RSS feeds

If you had created an RSS feed from an issue navigator query in JIRA 3.x, then before upgrading to JIRA 5.1:

  1. Open the RSS feed URL in a browser window.
    (info) JIRA 5.0.x will automatically 'redirect' your JIRA 3.x RSS feed URL into URL that is compatible with JIRA 5.0.x and later.
  2. Replace your old JIRA 3.x RSS feed bookmark with the 'redirected' RSS feed URL.
'View issue' page tabs

If you had created a JIRA 3.x bookmark to a 'view issue' page which displays a specific tab and whose URL contains an old page parameter value on the left of the following table, change this value (in the bookmark URL) to its respective new value on the right of the table before upgrading JIRA.

Old page parameter values (JIRA 3.x) New page parameter values
page=all page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel
page=comment page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:comment-tabpanel
page=changehistory page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:changehistory-tabpanel

JIRA developers

Please note our Preparing for JIRA 5.1 page on the Atlassian Developers site. As a result of a stable Java API and other API improvements for JIRA developers introduced in JIRA 5.0, we do not anticipate a need for JIRA 5.0-compatible plugins to be significantly modified for compatibility with JIRA 5.1.

Nevertheless, please be aware of the following changes in JIRA 5.1, which are covered in more detail on the Preparing for JIRA 5.1 page:

  • For enhanced security, JIRA 5.1 includes an upgrade to Velocity 1.6.


Only GreenHopper versions 5.9 and higher are compatible with JIRA 5.1.

Voting/watching bug

A bug was introduced in JIRA 5.1.0 that may affect vote/watch functionality. If you are using a JIRA plugin that adds an activity tab to an issue, then voting and watching via the 'More Actions' menu of an issue or by clicking  and  on the view issue page will be broken. Voting and watching via other controls, e.g. keyboard shortcut, cog menu of issue navigator, will still work. This affects JIRA 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 only.

Actions for JIRA administrators
If voting and watching is not working as described above, after upgrading to 5.1.0, disable the Inline edit option in your General Configuration. This bug is scheduled to be fixed in 5.1.2 (see JRA-28984 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

Actions for plugin developers

In JIRA 5.1.0, the jira.webresources:viewissue resource was incorrectly separated into the following two resources:

  • jira.webresources:viewissue-components which is always included on the page.
  • jira.webresources:viewissue which is only included on the page if inline edit is disabled.

The problem is due to the fact that some plugins depend on jira.webresources:viewissue (see recommendation in this developer document). As a result, if there is plugin that depends on jira.webresources:viewissue and inline edit is enabled, then jira.webresources:viewissue will be pulled into the page when it shouldn't be. The symptoms of this bug are that voting and watching via certain controls will be broken (as described above), as there are two implementations of the watchers handler.

If you need to fix your plugin to work with JIRA 5.1.0 or JIRA 5.1.1, we recommend that you change your plugin to depend on jira.webresources:viewissue-components instead of jira.webresources:viewissue.

Please note:

  • If you make this change, your plugin will not work with JIRA 5.0.x — you will need to maintain two separate versions.
  • This bug is scheduled to be fixed in 5.1.2 (see JRA-28984 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). That is, jira.webresources:viewissue-components will be deprecated in favour of jira.webresources:viewissue.

Removal of hardcoded IndexOptimizeTrigger

As a result of JRA-29487, there no longer is a hardcoded automated Index Optimization scheduled job. Since JIRA 5.0 we adopted Lucene 3.2 and its new TieredMergePolicy provides much less reason to explicitly request a global optimization of the entire index, which for large customers in particular can be a very expensive operation and lead to request timeouts. As such, the automated job has been removed to provide a smoother performance.

Upgrading to JIRA 5.1 from JIRA 4.4.5 or earlier

In addition to the points listed above, please read the Important Version-Specific Upgrade Notes for every version of JIRA you are skipping.

JIRA 3.x RSS feeds

If you are currently using JIRA 3.x and:

  • Want to perform the RSS feed bookmark update procedure (above) and also
  • As directed on the JIRA 5.0 Upgrade Notes, you are following the two-step procedure to first upgrade to a JIRA 4.x version before then upgrading directly to JIRA 5.1,

then ensure you perform the RSS feed bookmark update procedure on your interim JIRA 4.x upgrade first before upgrading directly to JIRA 5.1.

Last modified on Jun 12, 2014

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